You know you are not a “Cat Person” when…

You know you are not a “Cat Person” when you:

a) Can’t read the “pre-claw” meow of put me down now reporter lady!

b) Rub a cat on his back like you are scratching a dog’s ears

c) Tell your viewing audience, “This little guy is having fun” right before…well, watch and see

D) All of the above

E) All of the above and, you never saw it coming!

So, do you think she will be the first choice for the assignment editor for the next animal story?

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4 thoughts on “You know you are not a “Cat Person” when…

  1. OMG, this blog is so funny! I *love* that video of the cat tearing at that reporter. I feel bad for her, but it’s still funny lol.
    Thanks for following my blog! 🙂

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