You know you ARE a “Cat Person” when…

The Bloggess on brushing her teeth with her cat on her head

You can brush your teeth with your cat on your head...and have a camera ready to take pictures of the event.

This is impressive!  You may recognize one of our most favorite funny bloggers, “The Bloggess” as she IS a “Cat Person”.  Not only can she brush her teeth with her cat on her head, but she has a tripod and camera set up in the bathroom to capture said event.

You know, we believe her cat could be styled into a “Bumpits” with a “Live” pony tail swinging about. Snooki, you are not the only one ready for the Jersey Shore this summer! ME-OUCH!

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2 thoughts on “You know you ARE a “Cat Person” when…

  1. This took a tremendous amount of skill! What a silly kitty, I’m thinking your precious feline is a wee bit spoiled! Thanks for the visit and you are welcome any time!

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