World Exclusive Interview With @BronxZoosCobra The Bronx Zoo’s Cobra

A Cobra similar to The Bronx Zoo Cobra @BronxZooCobra (photo)

A Cobra similar to The Bronx Zoo's Cobra @BronxZoosCobra (photo)

As previously reported, The Bronx Zoo Reptile House lost a cobra shutting down the Reptile House and leaving The Cobra to roam freely about the city.  She wanted to take in the beauty of the city and live a little.  Who can blame her?

In a world exclusive, we have interviewed The Cobra.  We invited her to come on our radio show tomorrow night, but she told us she was a little self conscious about her lisp.  Poor dear.  We all love her so much and celebrate the differences of all of our species of friends here at, you know that is never an issue with us.  She graciously granted us the following interview via email: One of our show hosts, Joe, had a pet rat which his dad secured from a dumpster because they couldn’t afford a hamster.  On our show, we affectionately refer to him as “The Hood Rat”.    Since you are dining in some of NYC’s hot spots, if you see any of his relatives on the street, would you refrain from snacking on them?  You see, they secretly “Poop Taser” people who pretend to pick up their dog poop, but really don’t pick up their dog’s poo.  It’s probably amusing to see people rolling around in their dog’s poo…just sayin’.

@TheBronxZoosCobra: No problem, rats use up way too many of my weight watchers points. You have been covering some serious ground the past few days. From karaoke…singing “White Snake” songs to a trip to Ellis Island.  What have been some of your memorable moments?

@TheBronxZoosCobra: The ferry was delightful. They let me have the entire top deck. For some reason everyone wanted to stay below. They missed out. Do you get lonely without your Bronx Zoo Reptile friends?

@TheBronxZoosCobra: When you spend 24/7 with the same reptiles for your whole life, a break is in order. You know that sweet old saying, “distance makes the blood grow colder”. We see that Ellen DeGeneres, Mayor Mike and Howard Stern have mentioned you.  What do you attribute your sudden popularity to?

@TheBronxZoosCobra: I think I remind a lot of people of Justin Bieber. I’m just a kid living my dream, loving my fans. I couldn’t do it without them. Never say never!!! Since the infamous YouTube video of the rat on the subway, are you taking extra measures to assure you don’t get filmed on mass transit?

@TheBronxZoosCobra: I keep a very low profile when I travel. Super low. Like right on the ground low.  With the WHOLE CITY now looking for you, do you get recognized?  Do you wear a disguise or do you try to stay out of sight?

@TheBronxZoosCobra: I do wear a baseball cap sometimes. Still not sure why no one is suspicious of a baseball cap moving across the ground. :What do you have planned for tomorrow?

@TheBronxZoosCobra: I’m thinking Coney Island. Do they still have a snake charmer out there?

We love @BronxZoosCobra!  Thank you so much for the interview and now you know the inside scoop about where she will be tomorrow!  Listen in Thursday night on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, 6:30 PM EST for more fun and mayhem!

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