Woofy Woo and Meow too!

Oh my gosh! We were so busy meeting other wonderful helpful pet bloggers this week!  Pet People Rock!  So many of you reached out to us and encouraged the Pet Blogger Support project.  We will be featuring a blogger this Saturday!   Now the wonderful thing about the project is our readers will learn about cool new pet blogs and bloggers will learn about each other as well. 

Please make sure you comment, because comments build community.  Comment on the blog of the person before yours if you are a blogger and the person after you should comment on your blog.  Please make sure you choose one of the groovy  Pet Blogger Support badges to decorate your blog so peeps know you love comments and want to network.

So on another topic…weather here in the northeast has been snowy to say the least.  Time for some sunny, bright, warm thoughts! 

Do you have any sunny thoughts to share? What is going on in your neighborhood?

A special meowy thanks to:  Nikita Cat for alerting us to our technical problem.

Woofy Woo to all of you!  Watch the latest episode of  TPPC.tv about Princess the Camel GO

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