Will a time out work for pups?

We found this article by Megan Maxwell and thought it was interesting…Control canines with time-outs

Megan MaxwellDecember 5, 2010 12:23am EST

Muddy paws can ruin an outfit and even little dogs can tear stockings and scratch ankles with their jumping. Jumping is extremely common among puppies and adult dogs, and is one frequent reason that owners hire dog trainers or animal behaviorists. Dogs are a social species. This sociability also results in their affection for being close to their human family members and, in particular, close to their loved ones’ faces. Jumping on someone is one way to get closer to the face for a nose-to-nose greeting, complete with a big lick across the cheek.

Unfortunately, many people find this greeting behavior less than endearing, and wish to reduce it but don’t know how.

Owners can take advantage of the power of their attention by using a procedure that combines a time-out with reinforcement for good behavior.

The time-out works as follows. Work in 10-minute training sessions once or twice a day by the front door. Have treats in your pocket or in a jar outside of the dog’s reach.

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