Wildlife Clean Up In The Gulf of Mexico

AOL posted a report about the wildlife clean up in the Gulf of Mexico. (Partial story below or click the AOL link for the full story.)

They also posted video about how the sea turtles that they find alive are being cared for.   Click this link to see the video: Turtles in the gulf

From AOL:

HOUSTON (June 11) – New numbers showing the amount of oil gushing from a well in the Gulf of Mexico may be double as much as previously thought means the crude is likely to travel farther away, threatening more birds, fish and other wildlife that call the fragile waters their home, scientists said Friday.

The new figures could mean about 40 million gallons to more than 100 million gallons of oil have already fouled the Gulf’s delicate ecosystem and are affecting people who live, work and play along the coast from Louisiana to Florida – and perhaps beyond.

More oil means the giant gooey cloud can spread out over a greater distance, having far worse consequences for the environment, said Paul Montagna, a marine biologist at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.

“Doubling the amount of oil does not have a linear effect, it doesn’t double the consequences, it may instead have quadruple the consequences,” Montagna, who studies the Gulf of Mexico deep sea reefs and other underwater ecosystems, said.

The new spill estimates released Thursday are worse than earlier ones – and far more costly for BP, which has seen its stock sink since the April 20 explosion that killed 11 workers and triggered the spill. Most of the new estimates had more oil flowing in an hour than what officials once said was spilling in an entire day.

The spill was flowing at a daily rate that could possibly have been as high as 2.1 million gallons, twice the highest number the federal government had been saying, said U.S. Geological Survey Director Marcia McNutt, who is coordinating estimates. But she said possibly more credible numbers are a bit lower.

Those estimates were the third – and perhaps not the last – time the U.S. government has had to increase its estimate of how much oil is  gushing. Trying to clarify what has been a contentious and confusing issue, officials gave a wide variety of figures.

TPPCtv applauds the work of all of the volunteers working tirelessly to help the wildlife in the area.  Keep up the great work and thanks from animal and pet loving people all over the world!  Woofy Woo to you all!
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