Wild Pet News: Who Shocked the Monkey?! Frightened Monkey Perched on Pole Viewing Carcasses After Crash

A truck carrying animal carcasses overturned scattering the cargo of carcasses all over the road.  The truck was headed toward a meat packing plant.  The truck driver’s terrified pet monkey escaped the vehicle unharmed and climbed up a pole only to view the carnage from his perch.

The poor little monkey was coaxed down by the driver who was unharmed.  (No information was available regarding the breed of monkey.)

Another truck was sent from the meat packing plant to retrieve the carcasses from the road. (YUCK! Gives a whole new meaning to road kill.)

The accident happened on a sharply curved road in Medina, Ohio.  No charges have been filed and the crash is still under investigation.

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