When Chewy Strips Attack!

Chew strips

Chewy Ouchy Things

Have you ever stepped on a dry chewy strip bare foot? 

Whether it’s a dry chicken strip, pig ear or rawhide strip, all can be equally porcupine-ish at 2:00 AM whilst you blindly find your way into the bathroom.   If  in fact, you step on the chewy strip on a hard wood floor, not only do you get the bottom of your foot punctured like a sippy juice box, but you slide across the floor as you swear and do the “Ouch-Ouch” dance, potentially knocking yourself unconscious as you grab for the door frame that you thought was  THERE, but it mysteriously moved 5 inches to the left as you realize, “Code Red, I am falling like a giant sequoia  and my new dental work is headed for tile.”  Holy heck in a handbasket  mamasita, no good can come of this.

As you stumble to regain balance your head is now directly aimed at the bathtub, which you really can’t  see, but you know is there.  You twist in the air like Nadia Comaneci scoring a perfect 10 in the Olympics as you realize the ________ (insert cat or dog, singular or plural).  Is now up and about and OH MY GOSH brushing against your leg and you don’t want to smush the critter so you stick your hand out to grab the edge of the sink to regain your balance. 

But now you have to flick on the light to see the bottom of your foot indented with the reverse dental imprint of your__________(insert cat or dog, singular or plural.)  All that, and you still have to pee.  And you really shouldn’t have waited that extra 5 minutes thinking you were going to fall back to sleep because you didn’t have to go THAT bad.

Well, we are  guessing this is the scenario of 10-15% of the households that  didn’t find the last chewy before they went to bed.  Our extensive research lead us to find a similar situation recently blogged by a woman (The Bloggess) whose situation ended with a trip to the hospital with a middle finger injury.  As her dog brushed her leg, she did not execute the Nadia Comanici twist therefore resulting in a face first fall.  You may recall she was featured as a “Cat Person” on our blog because her cat sits on her head, when wrapped in a towel after showering. 

We feel badly about what happened to her and quite frankly, we think her dog, an adorable pug named Barnaby Jones, read this blog labeling his Mom as a cat person and started to plan his revenge.  We will never know now, will we?

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7 thoughts on “When Chewy Strips Attack!

  1. I did actually find Barnaby Jones surfing the internet last week. He pretended he was just looking at porn but I think we all know what he was really doing.

  2. Oh yes, I have stepped on many toys but so far not a chewy strip because my dogs always finish their chew stick off since they are little piglets. But that would hurt. But the cats put their little play mice under the rug which makes a very hard lump that hurts the bare feet.
    .-= Marg´s last blog ..This is so exciting, the flowers are arriving. =-.

  3. I have stepped on chew strips that were hard as a rock. Actually, stepping on them when they are wet and soggy and sort of gluey is far worse, in my mind. When I was a kid we visited an Uncle who lived far away. He had a Boston Terrier that was his baby. We quickly discovered that if we whistled, the dog would take his soggy chew strip and drop it in my Mother’s lap. Much whopping and hollering ensued. We kids thought this was great fun until Mother threatened to knock out our front teeth so we couldn’t whistle.
    .-= Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ph.D.´s last blog ..EPA says some flea and tick topical products a problem =-.

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