What?!! You want to make hunting and killing cats in NJ legal???!!!

Our little friend listed below, KC who writes the Cat Blogosphere featured in the post below posted some info today sent in by Mr. Tuck the Cat.  Mr. Tucks mom, Jen, read an article in the Daily Record, a Morristown, NJ Newspaper which says that they want to reclassify ferral cats as exotic animals so they can be HUNTED and KILLED.   We are so stunned by this news.

Mr. Tuck picked out a perfect quote for his blog, and if you don’t mind, we are picking the same quote for you to read.

“Jeannette Vreeland, acting chair of the Fish and Game Council, asked in 2007 if feral cats could be added to the list of animals that could be hunted, according to council meeting minutes. This week she defended the 2007 resolution.
“When a cat is left to roam outside the house it becomes a character who kills birds and small mammals — rabbits, chipmunks,” she said on Thursday. “It’s really not a natural, native animal. They are exotic and not meant to be outdoors.”
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How can you help? Jen posted the following:

“The Humane Society, ASPCA and several other animal welfare organizations have sent letters condemning this proposal, but I’m afraid it won’t be enough.  The Fish and Game Council has their next meeting on April 13th.  I’m asking that you all help me by emailing or writing to the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife to let them know that this  proposal in unacceptable.  The contact information is below.
N.J. Division of Fish and Wildlife
P.O. Box 400
Trenton, NJ 08625-0400 

Here is a link to the email form on the web site Email the Fish & Game Council Here ”

 A GREAT BIG Thanks Jen & Tuck at Mr. Tucks Neighborhood and Robyn & KC at Cat Blogosphere for being great kitty reporters.

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4 thoughts on “What?!! You want to make hunting and killing cats in NJ legal???!!!

  1. Thank you so much for your help spreading the word! I was shocked when I read the story yesterday; I still can’t believe that anyone would consider this an acceptable solution. I’m surprised that none of the other local media has reported on the story. I checked the Star-Ledger this morning and didn’t see anything. Seems a little shady…
    .-= Tuck´s last blog ..A Terrible Story…Help Needed =-.

  2. Agreed, but they are saying TNR programs don’t work. I couldn’t imagine living in one of those towns, which are heavily populated mind you, and having my kitty slip out the door and need to worry that he would be shot on top of everything else!

  3. Here in Arizona, any feral cats are quickly snapped up by the coyotes, bobcats, and mountain lions. Our outrage is that some a__hole decided to euthanize the last spotted leopard in all of Arizona when he was caught in a snare and found to suffer from kidney failure. This brainless wonder is currently on leave from his job, pending investigation.

    On a happy note, my daughter who lives in Memphis. TN has a sanctuary for cats with FIV. Check out the Fitzhugh B. Crews FIV Cat Sanctuary, a 501(C3).
    .-= Judie McEwen´s last blog .."Saturday, In The Park, …." =-.

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