What Pets Teach Us About the Summer & Vacation Desperation

With the summer rapidly coming to a close, we see the onset of “Vacation Desperation”.  Vacation Desperation is that moment that panic sets in because you feel like to didn’t take any time off or time to plan a trip to the lake or beach or even just to sit in the yard and read a magazine.  Yup we are rolling into buying back to school clothes, finishing up the doctor’s appointments and getting hair cuts before school starts and the commute to work gets horrible again.

This weekend, in a moment of Vacation Desperation, Joe and I took an hour to sit on the deck and read a magazine. No work allowed.  It was hot and humid outside, but the cooling Canadian breeze was great.

I am sure our neighbors think we are vampires because they rarely see us.  In fact someone walked by our house the other day and said, “Oh, I didn’t think anyone lived there.”   Well, anyone who maintains a blog, TV show and/or website is chuckling under their breath right now because you know what a Herculean task it is.

Anyway…The girls, our 2 dogs Chachala and Philomena wanted to come out on the deck to enjoy the summer as well.  With the sun still fairly low in the sky, their “Tuffet” was not shaded.  (Well if Little Miss Muffet could eat curds and whey on a tuffet, why can’t our dogs rest on a tuffet?  They eat spiders, so the nursery rhyme would have a different ending.)

Feeling guilty about not having a shaded tuffet for the girls, we had to come up with a solution.  Thinking…thinking…thinking…Ah-Ha!  The beach chair umbrellas!  Not knowing if my “Great idea” would work, I quietly ventured into the sub-tropical environment of the garage, doing tactical maneuvers and gymnastics to reach the umbrella behind the truck. I couldn’t reach my arm back far enough to grab the umbrella.  I tried different reaching tools…a broom, a shovel then the garden trowel. I had to get the garden trowel in between the two umbrellas and lift one up and off the cement lip of the garage. Squishing my arm between the freezer and the truck fender and reaching with the trowel did the trick! Success at last!

I came up from the garage sweaty, dirty, covered with spider webs, hair frizzed, but darn it those dogs were going to have a tuffet shade! Joe didn’t know what I was up to, so when I returned to the deck looking like a prison escapee, he looked puzzled and said, “How did you get that from behind the truck?”  I said, rather matter of factly, “I used the garden trowel”.  He smiled politely and knew not to ask any more questions.

This is the glorious result:

Philomena and Chachala on their Tuffet

Kind of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, don’t you think?

So what did our pets teach us about summer and vacation desperation?

-Plan your time, bring your sun screen/umbrella/hat.

-Make sure everyone has everything they need including water, snacks, chewy bones, squeaky toys etc. before you open the magazine.

-You have to work to achieve even the simplest of pleasures.  Life becomes that much more satisfying when you do.

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