What pets teach us about Thanksgiving. Do you have Turkey Guards?

Turkey Guards are defined as four legged creatures that guard the Turkey while it’s in any stage of preparation. Whether it’s defrosting, getting a wash and paper towel pat dry, getting stuffed, seasoned or roasted, our four legged beasts are standing by.  We can only assume, they are guarding the bird from theft as if their lives depend on it.

This year, our two dogs, Chachala the Chihuahua and Philomena the Miniature Pinscher will have an added challenge during the turkey preparation.  They will be watching Mommy and Poppy attempt to prepare their turkey in this:

The turkey cooking thingy...or a space shuttle for poulty.

So the space shuttle has nothing on us this year. Hopefully this contraption will not launch during cooking and start orbiting the earth as a UFT, (Unidentified Flying Turkey-cooker). Attempting to keep the oven free for the other stuff to be baked has become a challenge felt by the masses for years.  We can’t guarantee that this will work well mind you, but we are going to try.

The roaster has a rack in it so we should be OK with the browning of said bird.  This has been the topic of discussion in our house for quite some time.  Joe likes browned foods.  Brown to me, equates to dry food.  Perhaps it’s my mother’s fault.

So as your little four legged dogs and cats prepare to guard your Thanksgiving Turkey, keep in mind, some may argue, the beasts guard the floor from becoming overcome with savory bits of tasty goodness.  In fact, whether it’s guarding the Turkey or guarding the floor, I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING FUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES!  Have a wonderful day, and let the games begin on black Friday.

Hugs and Woofy Woo from the TPPC.tv Cast and Crew

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