What Pets Teach Us About Halloween

With Halloween scaring up the neighborhood kids hungry for treats, it’s time to look at life from our pet’s eye view to gain insight into what we can learn from our faithful companions.

Trick or Treat!

Halloween was one of our favorite times of the year as a kid.  Parties a school, dressing up and Trick or Treating lead to less homework and more fun!  As we age, sometimes we forget to have fun.  Let’s look to our pets for some lessons.

1.) Dressing up and letting yourself be someone else for a while is fun.

Whether it’s a superhero or a ghost, using your imagination is stress relieving and fun.

2.) Walking around the neighborhood is healthy…even if you are collecting candy.

Walkies! Pets love to get fresh air and have a walk-about! So get some fresh air and unwind.

3 .) Eating an apple is good for you.

Ugh! As a kid, this was one of the worst treats you could get on Halloween.  Then there was the razor blade and straight pin scare and that pretty much put an end to that.  You may not prefer apples to chocolate bars…OK, let’s be honest, WE don’t prefer apples to chocolate bars, but eating natural, unprocessed foods is good for your body and mind.  We find our dogs really enjoy apples as treats.  You know that old adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away…

4.) Meeting your neighbors is fun…just don’t sniff their butts.

In a fast paced world, we often times don’t even know our neighbor’s names.  Unlike the bucolic Post World War II tree lined neighborhoods of the 1950’s, we don’t share baked treats and backyard barbeques very often.  We still may not be able to, but a smile and a wave may expand your horizons and brighten up someone’s day.

5.) If you are scared or just had a bath, do some zoomies and wag your tail.

This is the canine equivalent of laughing in our book.  Run around, have a good laugh and let it all hang out!  You will feel better at the end of the day!

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