Ways to Keep Your Pets Occupied When You’re Gone

Ways to keep your pets occupied when you’re gone

When the paw-ent is away, the pets are at play…

Not Guilty! (Photo: dogaggressiontraining.com)

Not Guilty! (Photo: dogaggressiontraining.com)

I know for me personally, I’m a worry wart. And with worry wart status, although I know my cats are safe at home, I can only imagine what they do when I’m not around, being they are still kittens.  Aside from that, Dexter and Sadie are complete opposites, yet still manage to get along so well. I’m not anxious when I’m away, but Dexter is a rebel; and although he’s still learning, he has no problem being upfront about his minor, facetious behaviors…no matter how many times I have to teach him that the sink is not a place to sleep!

So what are a few ways to keep them content…and quench my sanity?


Cats watch TV. (Photo:http://loveadsthatresonate.blogspot.com/)

Cats watch TV. (Photo:http://loveadsthatresonate.blogspot.com/


TVs isn’t only entertaining to us, but to dogs and cats as well. There’s no doubt in my mind that Sadie and Dex enjoy our cozy time in front of the TV at night. 

PawNation did some research, and revealed that cats process things much quicker than we do.  ScienceNordic.com claims that dogs enjoy the screen just as much. There is, however, a concern when it comes to birds.  Putting a bird in front of a television is equivalent to putting them in front of strobe lights because of the way their eyes perceive pictures. Definitely not a bird’s eye view.

Highrise fun in the Premium Tree Highrise from Petco http://www.petco.com/)

Highrise fun in the Premium Tree Highrise from Petco (http://www.petco.com/)

PetMD suggests building a fun zone for your pet. They can  range anywhere from small, level platforms with various materials such as the Petco Kitty Tunnel Tower, to several levels such as the Petco Premium Tree Highrise for Cats . As much as I’d love to build an entire room just for my two kitties, I have to be realistic in a one bedroom apartment; but you use what you have, yam know?  Not to mention, the Crazytail and Tweety Ball from my review a few weeks ago continues to keep them both busy.

Kong Dog Toy (Photo: kong.com)

Kong Dog Toy (Photo: kong.com)


For dogs, there’s this genius food puzzle toy, called the Kong Dog Toy. A friend of mine bought one for her mini pincher, and her pup was occupied for quite some time. As there are similar toys like it, it’s not only made of bouncy, safe, steady rubber for him to play with, but he can also fish out doggie treats with strategy. Find similar models on Dog.com .

Awww! Cuteness x 2 (Photo: lovemaegan.com)

Awww! Cuteness x 2 (Photo: lovemaegan.com)

And of course, there’s always the option of getting your little friend, another one of their own. Same concept for us. Sometimes, we as humans, get lonely…don’t think that excludes dogs, cats, or any other animal. Having a little playmate will benefit your pet, as they’ll be able to interact socially. There are times that my little misfits’ play-fight, but then a minute later they’re cuddling up next to each other.

Motorola Pet Monitor

Motorola Pet Monitor (Photo: PetSmart)

And last, but certainly not least, to fulfill your sanity that you’re furry loved one is safe and sound, there are a few options. . Installing a PetCam such as Motorola’s Wi-Fi Pet Monitor Camera seems to be very popular.  (Stay tuned for a full product review.) You can easily connect your cameras to the internet, and if you have a smartphone, you can keep a good eye on your four –legged family members. People all over are now skyping their pets. Nope, not lying. There’s a specific way to have your Skype automatically power on without having to press a button to accept an incoming Skype. Like the VueZone, you can also manage your pet watching on your phone.

Skype with your pet!

Skype with your pet! (Photo: supertintin.com)

I’m definitely going to invest in a few things for my tiny, furry buddies, not to mention, I’m now going to have to create a Skype account for them. Woohoo!  You can definitely get creative, whether you build your own fun zone or food puzzle for your pets-or make a purchase…or two. Have fun with it and think about it: the more they’re occupied they are when you step out, the less time they’ll have stealing and hiding your socks …unless that’s just happens to me.

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