Ways to Keep Fit with Your Dog or Cat

Working out and going to the gym is a priority in my life that has become important to me. Not only does it help me feel good about myself, but it relieves stress and assists me with my physical appearance. Why not pass a healthy habit on to your dog or a cat? Think about it. If there’s a way to better your cat’s self-esteem, because they DO have feelings, or want to keep them fit, why not do it together? The more time to bond, the better, right?

Yoga, Doga?

Yoga, Doga?

Whether or not it’s Doga (yes, Doga) or a morning walk, you can get creative when working out with man’s, or woman’s, best friend-you just have to find your nitch.

The Huffington Post shared the idea that for those interested in Yoga, Doga can be a very restful, stress-less, way to go. Consisting of stretching and relaxation techniques, paw-ents have an opportunity to connect emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with their pups.  Being I enjoy Yoga and anything that helps ease my mind, I I think if I had a dog, I would give Doga a try-it’s different; and I like different.

About.com mentioned the benefits of agility training.  Agility training incorporates tunnels, jumps and walkways- an obstacle course. It’s another way to provide cardio and strength to your pooch. Some people are serious about it, as it is a sport; others do it for the fun.

When it comes to walking, it’s known to benefit everyone.  Not only is it great for getting the heart pumping, but your dog can act as your incentive for motivation. How? Think about it. You wake up in the morning- sleepy, maybe hitting the snooze button 1 to 3 times before you wake up (or maybe that’s just me), and get ready for work. When I had a dog, she was always the first to wake up, and loved to go outside. The energy a dog can transfer to a human is unbelievable.

The Go-Pet Treadwheel may help your pet...but you may need one too

The Go-Pet Treadwheel may help your pet…but you may need one too

Just beware not to over-work your pooch. It wasn’t hard for me to overwork myself sore at the gym when I first started going, but that lesson was learned really quick the morning after. Depending on the breed, there is a specific limit. According to PetMD, if your dog fits the Collie, Labrador, Hound, or Shepard category, they will need the most exercise, as opposed to a Bulldog who will need the least. Always always always check with your veterinarian before any kind of rigorous exercise please!

In reference to cats, there aren’t as many exercises for them that will benefit the both of you simultaneously, as there are for dogs.  Not going to lie, I had to do some research to see if there was yoga for cats, but unfortunately, there wasn’t anything-just some really cute pictures of cats modeling yoga positions. I did come across a Yoga with Cats video, as well as an Exercising with Cats video. Take a look!

Love the headband...it's puuurrrrfect.

Love the headband…it’s puuurrrrfect.

There are, however, several different ways to get your kitty off his tail to get his blood pumping. and vice versa for you!

Sheknows suggests using a laser pointer. Not only will your cat, or dog for that matter, spend hours chasing the little mini light, but it’ll keep their minds going as well. We all know that cats have enormous curiosity. Animal Planet recommends spending at least ten minutes, twice a day with your furry friend. You can use typical kitty toys, or simple things such as a milk container, or a garbage bag. Sadie goes bizerk when there’s a shopping bag laying around the apartment. I have to admit, it’s entertaining for me. Personally from experience, anything with Catnip is an easy way to make them move around too.

What may seem amusing, yet proven to work is pet exercise equipment. This is the fun stuff! For dogs, also featured on the Nutrition for Dogs article, FitPaws Gear  has a various range of exercise equipment for your friend ranging from balance discs, to balance paw pods, to rocker boards.

Cats are not excluded from this category! A simple answer-the treadmill. No, I’m not kidding. If used for just ten minutes a day, a kitty can obtain a great aerobic workout. Picture it: you and your cat running together at the same time. Feel that burn, baby! In fact, an article found in BuzzFeed discusses an overweight cat, named Buddha that was placed on a treadmill that was underwater. He’s been losing weight ever since, and because it’s underwater, there was no harm to his joints.

Budha the cat on the underwater treadmill.

Budha the cat on the underwater treadmill.

Treadwheels are becoming popular to both cats and dogs as well. GoPetUSA  features an example of the piece. Picture an enlarged hamster wheel. If it’s raining out, they have access to utilize it; if they’re home alone, they can use it. Purrrfect!

Just as with everything in life, someone else may be more fond of a certain method than you are. It’s all about finding what you like doing, and what your pet may enjoy. Try something different, go out of the box if you’d like. If you’re more into keeping things simple, than go for it. Sometimes simple is best. For me, I get bored easily and wind up trying a little bit of everything. Can’t hurt to try something at least once right? Next task: talk to landlord into getting a dog so I can try some Doga!

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