Ways to Fight Bad Breath in Dogs and Cats

Ways to Fight Bad Breath in Dogs and Cats

I’m sure everyone has a pet peeve; but I’m sure almost everyone can agree that whether it’s a human or a pet, bad breath is not pleasant. Like humans, there are several ways to maintain your furry loved one’s breath.

Finger toothbrush for dogs and cats. (Photo: Examiner.com)

Finger toothbrush for dogs and cats.

Same rules apply with your four legged friend: brush brush brush! Some may not think it’s vital, but brushing for a feline or canine  once a day, as the ASPCA will agree and suggest, is crucial to prevent gum disease, as it’s an often occurance as animals age.  It’s imperative that you purchase specific toothpaste for your pet. Petsmart  offers several different types of toothpaste ranging  in various flavors.  Do not use regular toothpaste! It can be detrimental to your pet’s liver .The additives contained in human toothpaste would be swallowed and not spit out. Not good! There is also pet dental floss. If your pet allows you to, go for it! If you pet is anything like mine, brushing her teeth is tough enough, but it’s got to be done!


Orapup Step 1 (Photo: orapup.com)

Orapup Step 1 (Photo: orapup.com)

Orapup Step 2 (Photo: Orapup.com)

Orapup Step 2 (Photo: Orapup.com)

If you’re strictly concerned with the smell of their breath, there’s a new system called Orapup. It’s been talked about via NBC News, Dentistry IQ, and several other companies.  Very simple! The kit comes with a pad of soft bristles and there only two simple steps: Apply flavoring to bristle bad, and allow your pet to lick. Do not be discouraged by the name. Orapup can be used with cats as well!

photo_6_rawhide_bones_ Add photo 7 dental chews for cats photo 8 dentastix

A method that your dog would definitely not mind is a simple rawhide. Not only does rawhide assist with plaque buildup and helps prevent gingivitis, this is definitely one of the methods your dog will not complain about it. Similar to rawhide, companies have created dental sticks for cats and dogs. Pedigree has their own brand made for different sized dogs, and Petco has a wide variety as well for both types of animals.  It’s a win win situation!

If none of these methods is sufficient for aiding with a stinky mouth, bad breath may be just a symptom of other issues. PetMD states that problems may be from metabolic disorders, respiratory and/or gastrointestinal problems, or periodontal disease as stated before. As with any issue, the safest way to see if any of these methods will benefit your pup, check with your vet, as they will know best.

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