Water Safety- Take heed fur friends!

Take heed fur friends!  The summer is upon us and many of us like to hit the water with our pups.  It is time to think water safety for you and your dog!

Toby with his life vest on. Photo Credit: Michelle Maskaly

Our friend Toby and his Pawrent, Mommie-peep Michelle do it up right.  When Michelle takes Toby out in her kayak, they both don life vests and she clips him to her.  Excellent idea! (Read all of her boating safety tips on her blog.)

It doesn’t matter how big or small your dog is…life vests should be worn! Does it matter how big or small you are? No! You should be wearing one too!

We want all of our fur friends and their pawrents to have fun and be safe at all times! We care about each and everyone of you and we don’t want to hear about any deaths or accidents that could have been prevented.  So vests on, paddles up, poodles in, step over the puddles and my dogs are barkin’ from walkin’ to the lake! Tee Hee!

About Michelle Maskaly and Toby: Michelle and Toby’s Blog is wonderful.  It’s called “My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much“.  Do give it a look.  Michelle and Toby appeared in this episode of TPPC.tv.  We met them at Blog Paws and we are so glad we did!

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