Watching the World Change

If you watched the latest Episode of, you will see in the introduction, we talk about watching the world change due to the first ever Pet Blogger Conference, Blog Paws 2010.  That segment was filmed prior to the event starting, in our hotel room.  Honestly, it was a microphone check in our minds.  We didn’t think we would actually use it in the show.

Now, we are kind of creeped out at how true that statement was…but in a really good way.  Does that make any sense?  It’s all good because it IS so good.  Yes…that good.  Now we watch as this collective group of bloggers pulls together for the greater good of animals everywhere.

From where Joe and I sit, it’s kind of odd being us.  We wanted so much to get each and every personal story and talk to everyone attending the conference.  We worked really hard while we were there and we still could have done more.  We need to clone ourselves so we could have been in every room, every moment.  The people who did come over and say hello were wonderful though.  We appreciate each and every one of you and will support you the best we can.

Here is a video they showed at the close of the conference.  It really captures the spirit of wonderful pet lovers and pet bloggers everywhere!

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3 thoughts on “Watching the World Change

  1. Doreen from Doggies and Stuff here.
    It was a wonderful feeling being able to meet and mingle with so many fellow pet bloggers, PR people, and Pet Companies.

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