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A wagging, thankful tail

A wagging, thankful tail

On our last episode of the Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show, “The Love Genies”  talked about wagging tails and showing gratitude.

When talking about wagging tails, we think simply about a happy pet.  Perhaps, the pet is expressing gratitude for receiving a pat on the head, belly rub or treat.

This is a true story, (with the name of the individuals involved changed), that opened our eyes into the way of the tail wag.

“Sally” and a few friends were chatting about events of the weekend that had passed.  Sally said she was annoyed that her boyfriend, “Pete”, had gone out for a few drinks with his brother.  She said that she was annoyed that he woke her up when he came home by opening the front door and walking into the kitchen.  The floor is squeaky in their home and the squeaks in the floor were noisy.

But wait, let’s back up and give you a little background on Sally and Pete.

Pete had invited Sally  to live with him after they had only dated a short while because she had no where to go.  She had lost her lease and was not able to find an apartment in her price range.  Shortly after she moved in, Sally’s daughter, Shane needed a place to live, as she was going through a divorce.  Shane moved in with her baby daughter.  Now the three generations are living with Pete.

The house where they are living is standing today in a town that most are not.  Many homes in that area were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, either by flood or fire. During the storm, Sally and Pete had a generator to provide them with all of the creature comforts.  By the way, Sally is a cancer survivor.  She was out of work having multiple operations for months and is lucky to have survived.

She and Pete just recently returned from a lavish vacation that many only dream of.

During her vacation, she stayed in the private home of a well-known rock star, on a secluded beach.  The vacation included the services of a cook and a butler.  The home overlooked a beautiful bluff and contained a private pool with many scenic terraces.

OK, fast forward, back to being annoyed.  Sally was annoyed at the noise and that she couldn’t get to sleep because Pete was walking around on the squeaky floor.  Pete had asked his brother to stay over and they were coming up the stairs.  The squeaking was annoying Sally.  She was so angry…and annoyed.

She brazenly exclaimed to all of us, “I want a new house, this one is too squeaky.”  Yes, she was serious.

Instead of being thankful that she survived cancer, was living in a free house that was still standing after Super Storm Sandy or that she just came back from a fantastic vacation…she was annoyed and wanted a new (free) house from Pete, who has already provided her with so much.

Gratitude for the things you have enables you to wag more.  Thanking the powers that be, regardless of your religious beliefs, shows the universe that you are thankful for the things you are given.  We believe the more genuine gratitude you show for the things you have and the happier you will be in life.  Always feeling like someone has more or feeling sorry for yourself will ultimately only lead to your unhappiness.

Wag more, live a better life and be truly grateful for the gifts you have been given.

To hear us discuss this topic, go to Pets Teach Us So Much Podcast, 73.

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