US&R Task Force Dogs help Joplin search

US&R Task Force Dogs


Missouri Task Force 1









When Joplin (Mo.) first responders needed a helping hand after a kick ass tornado, they called in Missouri Task Force 1, the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue.  The team is highly trained and equipped for major search and rescue.  When a victim is trapped under tons of concrete and steel with only small voids of space. The search team used canine units and GPS technology to de-layer structures to help find Joplin residents.

Highly trained canine teams, specifically live-human air-scent dogs, with team members using thermal infrared cameras and seismic listening devices, searched on heavy concrete and steel rubble piles to find life.

Thanks to our furry brothers and sisters, one may never now how many more would have succumbed to this tragedy.


Thanks to The Fire Chief Magazine for the tip.

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