Use Your Inner Puppy to Charm Absolutely Anyone!

Use Your Inner Puppy to Charm Absolutely Anyone!

Puppies! (

Puppies! (


Robbin and Joseph Everett, aka The Love Genies, talked about this topic on the Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show, a pet radio show for pet lovers  on Thursday, Oct. 18, but we wanted to give you a recap.  If you would like more information about finding your inner puppy, listen to show number 68 on the show player.

So many of us stroll through life unaware of the impressions we are giving the world.  We don’t harness the power of what our pets are teaching us each and every day.

You need to get in touch with your inner puppy!

Think about a puppy and what immediate impressions do you get?






You want to engage and play with the puppy…hold it, watch it and you become enamored the pup, wanting to engage further.

Now think about the physical attributes of a puppy when you face it for the first time, and the message that it conveys to you on a subliminal level.  Is it facing you squarely?  Looking you in the eye?  Acting playful?   How do those behaviors make you feel?  The puppy has nothing to hide,  a spring in their step, not judging and is happy.

What happens when you walk into a room?  What message are you giving to the world?  Do you have the weight of the world upon your shoulders and are you literally hunched over?

When you pet looks at you, he looks into your soul.  Do you look in people’s eyes when you greet them?  Are you sensing their personalities or are you closed off and unreceptive?

Within the first few seconds of meeting someone, you form an impression.  With so much information coming at us all day everyday, this is the way our brains have been hardwired to optimize information.

So people can tap into their inner puppy by breathing deep, opening their solar plexus and really keeping your self in the moment.  Puppies are in the moment.  When you are playing with a puppy, you have a tendency to forget the 9,000 things you had to do, even for just a moment, and engage the puppy, being charmed.

Tap into your inner puppy and charm the world!

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