Update from Hurricane Irene at the Jersey Shore

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene

Thanks very much everyone for checking in on us during the storm.  Our house was built to the 180 mph new hurricane standards with special windows etc so we are confident that “she” will continue to hold fast.

The house was creaking and groaning last night.  Rattled a bit.  I heard the cushion storage box move across the deck a couple of times last night.  It did sound like a freight train was outside the windows at time and our giant gas grill did move, even though it was locked in place.

The storm surge is wicked right now.  Joe said the ocean is up on the road.

Joe has been out for over 12 hours on fire calls and standing by at the Fire House.  He and the volunteer firefighters went on calls all night in the storm.  God bless all of the first responders who served during the storm.

We didn’t evacuate because we were on the edge of the low lying area and Joe could get to us if he needed to.  There were about 5 full time families that I could see from our home that didn’t evacuate.  We are on a bit of a shelf and a little higher than the surrounding area.

Originally, the news said all of the shelters were taking pets, but only ONE was.  We were not leaving our girls. We had emergency bags packed and redundant communications set up because we are both HAM radio operators.

Here is the latest video of the storm.

Latest from hurricane Irene

A tornado did apparently touch down about 10 miles away snapping a telephone pole and ripping a roof and part of an apartment building off in Long Branch NJ.

The winds are horrible, still.  The electric has flashed on and off a few times.  They are reporting over 400,000 people in NJ are without power.

Luckily, I made a cup of coffee! Yeah.

We will update you throughout the day.

Thanks again guys.  You are truly our family and we can’t tell you how much your kind words mean to us.


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