Update Canine Cancer, one year later

Last fall, we met Darlene and Tim McGarvey while filming a segment on Canine Cancer with 2 Dogs 2000 Miles marathon walker, Luke with his dogs Hudson and Murphy.

Darlene and Tim organized another fundraiser this year in memory of their beloved dog Bear, who lost his fight with cancer last year.  It is a geocaching event, which is tons of fun for dogs and owners. The information is below:

Kudos to the McGarvey’s for continuing to raise funds and awareness for this worthy cause.  Please support them if you are in the area as they continue to surround the memory of Bear with positive energy and positive action.

We also wanted to update you on the status of the 2 Dogs 2000 Miles crew.  They ended their journey in Boston in June. It took them 826 days to walk 2300 miles to raise awareness, to raise funds and to honor the memory of their fallen pack member, Luke’s dog Malcom.  You may remember the TPPC.tv episode , one of our more emotional reports that was incredibly inspirational as well.

When we checked the 2 Dogs 2000 Miles site for an update on what they are doing now, we found this very sad information:

Unfortunately, shortly after our arrival in Boston Murphy was diagnosed with cancer – nasal adenocarcinoma.  He is currently undergoing radiation therapy at Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center

Murphy’s condition will be continuously updated on our blog

Our hearts go out to Luke and his boys wishing Murphy a speedy, full recovery.

Hug your fur babies extra tight tonight and please send healing thoughts Luke’s way.

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