Trendy London Area Doggie Weight Loss Spa Has the Right Idea!

Many of us would really like to “Come back as our pets.” There is a great doggie spa outside of London that understands the emotional and physical needs of our pets!  This spa, doggie camp or crèche as it is referred to, really seems to have the right idea when helping overweight or anxious pets.

Just look at this little pug!  He seems to be loving it! Photo Credit: ISFPHOTOS.COM

We really wouldn’t mind going for a little work out and music therapy with our pets! (Is there a masseuse available?)

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‘Being social creatures, dogs left at home alone can become depressed, anxious or even destructive,’ said CDPOM World’s Anna Webb.

‘We offer dogs a rich social and educational experience – much like the best crèches offer children.’

As many as one in three pet dogs are overweight – and only half are walked twice a day.

With its own gym, a stay at the creche can give dogs a new leash of life (Photo: ISFPHOTOS.COM)

But, fortunately for podgy pooches, the centre’s canine treadmill can help dogs burn off that puppy fat – while a pianist gently soothes work-out tensions.

‘Dogs are hugely social and intelligent creatures,’ said Ms Webb.

‘They crave mental stimulation as much as physical exercise – and that can tire a dog much quicker than going for a run. And even the most committed dog owners might want a summer break away from their pet – but sadly not all hotels are dog friendly.’

CDPOM World is located in an old biscuit factory, near Southwark Park in Bermondsey, south-east London.

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