’s Pet Product Trend Report, Q4, 2013- Q1, 2014-Top 5 trends in pet products and consumer behavior’s Pet Product Trend Report, Q4, 2013- Q1, 2014- top five trends in pet products and consumer behavior.

A trendy pooch (Photo:

A trendy pooch (Photo:

Robbin and Joseph Everett are Pet Trendologists, Pet Lifestyle Experts, Animal Advocates, Radio Show Hosts and Bloggers, bringing you the latest pet product consumer update with this trend report. Check our discussion in Pets Teach Us So Much, episode 106.

As we ease into the last quarter of the year, we see some interesting trends emerging in the pet marketplace.  Below are the top five trends we see as we say, “goodbye” to 2013.  We predict these trends will continue as we say, “hello” to the first quarter of 2014.

1. Good for Me, Good for You

Familiar human consumer name brands will grab our attention as they brand into the pet marketplace.  Consumer brands such as “Bed Head”, marketing to pet pawrents as, “Pet Head” fur-dressing products and Burt’s Bees pet shampoos and other grooming products will gain a foothold in the marketplace.

These products will end up becoming superstars, as consumers prefer to buy their pets brands they like and use.  A consumer’s internal conversation in the aisle will stem from the existing consumer confidence and preference.

2. Getting Real with Raw

Raw diet feeding will level off, as the need for convenience will out weigh the hassle of the extra stop at the pet store.  This sector will grow only if it is able to attain precious shelf space and install refrigerators and freezers in the pet food aisle, which some companies have been able to do.

In addition, consumers are wary of contaminates such as salmonella and the increased danger of potentially feeding their pets tainted raw foods.  Not to say that processed foods can’t be contaminated and recalled.  The consumer’s perception is that there is an increased risk with raw.

Companies such as Petbrosia that offer superior nutrition and convenience will continue to grow with increased consumer awareness.  They offer custom formulated nutrition for your pet, with the convenience of shipping your pet’s food right to your door.  The product is made with US grown ingredients and consumers will become increasingly aware of the country of origin for food both for themselves and their pets.

3. Busy Minds, Happy Minds

Products that continue to challenge our pet’s minds and keep them engaged will be tops at the checkout counter.  Whether it’s a battery operated cat toy advertised on television or a puzzle game found in  Nina Ottossen’s line, consumers want to continue to stimulate their pets critical thinking abilities…and if you don’t think your pet has critical thinking abilities, just watch their wheels turn as they try to figure out how to manipulate another treat out of you.

Seriously though, more studies are being conducted in this area and consumers will grow to be conscious of providing a higher level of entertainment for their pets.

4. Emerging Markets

Consumers will continue to learn about new options in pet insurance, dental care and pharmacy plans, as these products become mainstream purchases.  For example, PetCareRx launched Protection Plus pharmacy plan.  This is an example of a company capitalizing on an existing human consumer pharmacy and pet product distribution network, while offering pet pharmacy products and topicals at a discount to a member’s only network.

This discount pharmacy service is convenient, offering calls to your pet’s vet for prescription refills and pick up at your “human” pharmacy like CVS or Walmart for certain pet medications.  Heartworm meds and flea and tick topicals are shipped to your door.  Discounts and convenience will have consumers flocking to this new service. Enter PetCareRx’s membership giveaway here.

5. Treat Me Like the Child I Am

Events such as pet fashion shows will continue to gain popularity.  Fun, glamorous pet related functions will continue to captivate audiences because we want to continue to integrate our pets into our lives.  Purchasing clothing for pets will become more the norm than the exception.  Consumers will continue to spend more dollars to purchase clothing, outerwear, paw-shoes and pajamas for their pets as cute fashions become available through many outlets.

Stay tuned for more information as we keep you up to date with more emerging trends in the pet product market place.

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