Pet Blog Awards Announced is proud to announce the first and most prestigious blog awards devoted to honoring excellence in Pet Blogs and honoring those who create the blogs. The Critic’s Choice Pet Blog Awards and the Reader’s Choice Awards are presented for 2010’s finest achievements in a variety of blog categories spanning Cats, Dogs, Other Pets, Rescue, DVM, Pet Product Review, Pet Products, Retail Outlets, Pet Magazines, Pet Travel and more. show co-host and co-creator Joseph Everett announced, “We are so excited to continue to support pet rescue, philanthropy, education and fun through our show, Pet Blogger Support Saturday and now with the Pet Blog of the Year of the Awards.  So many people are providing great information for both entertainment and education that we wanted to continue to highlight the grass roots efforts of pet centric people!”  Co-Host and co-creator Robbin Everett stated, “The awards are a fantastic way for pet bloggers to gain recognition and expand readership, whether they are commercial blogs or individual pet bloggers.  It’s about honoring the influencers in the pet world and bringing the community together to celebrate pet people and their pets!”

 The 2010 consideration process begins on July 1 through August 15. Finalists will be announced in September with a with a public voting period following to determine the “ Reader’s Choice Award” in each category.

 Please let us know if you would be interested in attending a pet friendly awards ceremony in the Baltimore area with your fellow pet lovers and pet bloggers.  More information regarding entering your blog, attending the event and sponsorship can be found on our site.

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