obtains exclusive! Shocking protest photo! Vermont Cat Leash Law, Me-ouch!

Barre, Vermont may just put the bars on the kitty city jail with a leash law for roaming felines.  A free roaming cat caused some claws to come out given that he likes to use the neighbor’s yard as a personal potty.  The potential leash law was presented over 60 years ago and did not pass at the time.  Apparently a cat restraint law was passed in 1973 but never enforced.

The article in stated:

“Reviews were mixed among residents lined up Tuesday at the Simply Creamies ice cream stand near City Hall.

“Have you ever tried walking around with a cat on a leash? It sounds kind of crazy,” said Cheyenne Roberts, co-owner of the Pit Stop Diner in Barre.

Thad Cochran of nearby Plainfield had this rejoinder: “If dogs have to have a leash, why not cats?” obtained an exclusive on this photo showing a protest in favor of the cat leash law.

Exclusive photo of mouse and bird protest in Barre, VT Photo: Chachala Rose Everett

As you can see, the birds and mice are in favor of having the cat leash law enforced.

We could debate the indoor/outdoor cat issue, but we are merely presenting the cat news for your information.

Woofy Woo!

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