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The 10 Popular Dog Blogs-nothing more than Paw-tastic!

Top 10 Popular Dog Blogs (

Top 10 Popular Dog Blogs (

We’ve  managed to do some fun searching to find you 10 interesting blogs with special emphasis on doggies. From an emotional dog wake; to doggie language; to motivating techniques for a dog’s well-being, it’s all here to assist you with your daily dose of  the pooch!

 Will My Dog Hate Me

Edie Jarolim writer, editor, and blogger comes across as a very humble author.  Skillful, with a P.H.D. in English, Edie chose the blog title based on the theme of confusion and and worry in regards to what you’re dog may be thinking. She specifically uses her mixed Terrier as part of her page-quite personal and what can be insightful to others. This particular post grasped my attention instantly. Grief of a dog or any pet for that matter is nothing out of the ordinary. They’re family, sometimes closer than your own, and it was refreshing to be reminded that it’s okay to grieve.  Edie Jarolim, well known blogger and writer of Willmydoghateme has hit the nail on the head with an inspiring celebration of her dog’s life. The author has a way with words, very courageous and honest while exposing her many emotions:

But in some ways my life feels more-or-less normal. Emptier, yes, and like something essential is missing that nags at a corner of my mind. But that deep, heart-rending grief I expected to feel during all my waking hours comes only in fleeting flashes. Is it waiting in ambush? Only time will tell.

Read the rest at:   Life after Frankie: A Dog Wake & Eulogy

 Bunk Blog 

Derived in 2011 all because of one little black pug,Bunk, BunkBlog was created due to the curiosity his paw-ents had when it came to taking care of him. There were several questions they had asked themselves, and as more knowledge was gained, the more they wanted to spread the word. Definitely  informative and interesting, there are some common, and uncommon questions answered here for any dog owner, or pet lover. Interested in finding the perfect pooch that will suit your lifestyle?  BunkBlog features an adorable list of tiny puppies that will stay forever tiny. Decision making, for me, has been a skill that I work on, on a daily basis. Being indecisive comes too naturally, so when I’m about to dive into a commitment, such as adopting a pet, I want to make sure I know as much as I can about the little furry guy that’s going to be a part of my life. For instance,  if I chose a St. Bernard, based on how adorable he looks as a baby, and  had the idea that he was always going to stay that way, I’d be quite surprised in months to come as he continued to grow. They are one of the biggest dog breeds! Or, if you’re simply just a mush like I am, this page is for you as well!

Take a look at : Top 10 dogs that stay small


Carol Bryant lives and breaths dogs; and that’s probably why she created this online magazine blog. Featured on TV and radio, this dedicated dog lover travels all over to bring doggie fans news, fashion, the latest products, and information from veterinarians themselves. If you want a little bit of everything, take a look at a Fidoseofreality. Ever wonder if your pup  really comprehends what you’re  saying?  Do you think it’s possible? Carol Bryant is here to tell you that it is. You may get the stare, you may get the head tilt, but what is really going on in that doggie mind?  Want some tips to educate your pooch? Set your tone, smile, and make sure you read this!
Check out: “Can Dogs Really Understand Human Speak” 

Go Pet Friendly

The hardest part about traveling when you have a pet, is simply that– you have a pet. GoPetFriendly takes all of the hassle of having to search for hours to find pet-welcoming hotels, beaches, and resorts. Their blog, TakePaws ,elaborates on trips taken and much more.  Can it get any simpler? Well, it just did and in more than just a traveling aspect. They’ve had opportunities to review certain hot items, and this one I couldn’t pass up. Hmm…what could it be?  As technology improves, life is eased up a bit- even for walking your dog’s waste hands-free. Yes, it’s true. Can it get any better for dog owners? TakePaws had the opportunity to pick a part this invention , and gave us all the “dirty-less’ details.

Check out the details at: “The Fifth Paw”

Patrick Mahaney

Holistic veterinarian and advocate, Dr. Patrick Mahaney definitely doesn’t fit your normal “doctor” criteria. His articles are informative, yet the topics he blogs about, keep me reading. If I need information about healthy food to feed my pet, I can find it here. If I want the latest gossip of celebrity pets, I can find it here. It’s diverse! With an intriguing segment, he manages to point out certain characteristics animal hoarders possess. Pet hoarding may seem like an uncommon issue, but the truth is, it’s not. So much so, that it followed one person to her grave-literally. Discussed is what may seem like a disturbing story; but Mahaney gets his topic across clearly after this true story makes headlines.

Must read the rest! Take a look at  “Woman Who Hoarded Cat Meets Tragic End.”

 Reiki Fur Babies

Reiki…for Dogs? Why not? Reikifurbabies utilizes professionals to improve your dog’s overall well-being based on spiritual healing. As humans, we’re always encouraged to enhance our physical, mental, and spiritual aura. Dogs need the same kind of TLC, and anything that’s going to better improve my pet’s persona, is worth a shot. Candy Boroditsky and Ming Chee-Brown collaborate together to create an ultimate experience. This post is just one example of the benefits of what Reikifurbabies has to offer. We love the work they do and we feature their posts on our show and blog.

Take a look at: Reiki for Coco the Dog


Also a very diversified blog, IPAWZ covers everything from general health and nutrition, news alerts, and adorable little doggie photos. Also included is a forum, Petville, where you can brag about,celebrate, or simply discuss your furry loved one. Who doesn’t want to? So you think you know your pooch, right? Just as you may try and communicate with them do you ever wonder how  they try and communicate with you? Just as humans use their hands to talk, dogs use their tails.  Believe it or not, it’s more than just a cute nub on that behind.  IPAWZ explains the real meaning  behind the tail wag. You’ll never not analyze  the wag again.

Read more at : “Dogs Know a Left-Sided Wag from a Right”

The Poodle (and the dog) blog

Jen, a former college English teacher created The Poodle (and dog) Blog to celebrate the simplicity of a dog. A decent portion of her blog consists of insightful news and events, more so than you may find on other blogs- very engaging, if I may add. Remember that infamous excuse, “my dog ate my homework?” Now a days, everything is completed on laptops or tablets, but back in the day, and I mean not too long ago being I’m only 26, I would’ve gotten the “you’re full of it…” look from my teacher. Following, is that such story- but it was no lie this time.With Twizzlers, M&Ms, and over fifty pins contained in a high school project, puppy Regi devoured  the assignment.  Find out what happened when that “crying-wolf” excuse turns into a reality for a Colorado High School student.  After reading this post by The Poodle (and dog) Blog, I highly recommend never ever leaving any kind of eatable project out and about. The story even made TV headlines and can be found  here.

Find the scoop here : “The dog ate my (Candy-Covered Volcano) Homework.”

The Puppy Dog Place

Single mom, Sue, continues to build her blog empire based on her love of puppies. It’s great for go- to care and training techniques .Whether it’s your first time with a pup, or you just need some advice, The Puppy Dog Place has you covered. Easy for any lifestyle, potty training options range from puppy dog litter boxes, to pee pads, and /or strictly outdoors. What to expect, what to say, and what not to do is all included in this very thorough blog. Find out what your pup’s potty triggers are, what type of treat to use  for praise, and how to get into a routine. Are you a visual person like me? Get this- there’s even a video!

Take a pee-k at: “Potty Training 101”

Fit as Fido

Dr. Dawn Marcus brings her medical knowledge to the table with this blog, FitasFIdoSo. Mix it with much pet love and admiration and you’ve got the perfect match! Ranging from topics such as animal therapy to safety in the winter time, she’s got it all.  ReikiFurbabies assists with getting in tune with a dog’s journey to spiritual healing, but we need to keep its mind going as well. I know I can get bored, distracted, or caught up so easily when it comes to life on life’s terms. Pet-loving, freelance writer, Rachel MacDonald ,featured on Dawn Marcus’s FitasFido page discusses ways to encourage your dog’s mind with numerous ideas. Obstacle Courses, memory games, and  play groups are no longer recommendations for just people! With some time and some effort, you’re bound to keep your dog in top shape-from head to paws!

Check it out : “How To Keep your Dog Mentally Stimulated”

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