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Cat blogs rock! (Photo:

Cat blogs rock! (Photo:

Just as we brought you the 10 Paw-tastic, Popular Doggie Blogs, of course we had to continue the fun search for the 10 Puuurrrfect Kitty Blogs. Here you’ll find blogs with various content featuring tips on taking photos of your cat, to the important care of older felines, all the way to videos, and interactive e-cards! (Presented in no particular order.)


Now this is right up my alley! First and foremost writers Megan (aka Pixelcat) and Corrinne (Hellcat) of MODCATLOVE represent the younger generation of cat lovers. Their admiration, or obsession (as stated) for cats has brought a very down to earth-like vibe for both younger and older generations. Personally, it’s nice to hear from someone that is in the same boat as I am, in regards to being young with cats, of course. Topics here are ones that make you think and are genuinely enjoyed. For instance, have you ever wondered why cats are so affectionate in the bathroom? Well, if you thought yours were the only ones, think again. Megan points out that it’s definitely a common occurrence…especially for her four cats.

Check out : Cats are extra affectionate in the bathroom


If you love to laugh, which I’m sure most are qualified, you need need need to check out CATLADYLAND . Is your cat a Big-tipper, a Bow-didley, or a Heavy-Weight Boxer that enjoys Instant-Messaging, Kickboxing, or has his Licker License?  You may be wondering what I’m referring to, or if I’ve just been staring at my computer screen for too long; but I’m actually using the  Fanglish Cat Slang.What’s that, you may ask? Award winning author and free-lance writer, Angie Bailey is the genius behind this particular kitty language. In human english I just asked, “ Is your cat one who tips over glasses, steals bows, or is a large cat lying in a box, who enjoys walking over keyboards while you’re on the computer, kicks the litter out of the litter box, or allows himself to lick dirty pans in the sink?” Very humorous, Angie seems to have a clever way with words, as this only one example of the work on her page.

Take a look at the rest of the  Fanglish Cat Slang 


JL Smith, Animaniac, as she calls herself, is an advocate and an educator to the pet-lover world, and the blogger of THOUGHTSFURPAWS. Upfront and honest, this author ties in a little bit of everything from pet awareness, to pet photo contests, and just random cute, pet stuff. I’m a firm believer in spreading the word for a good cause, and she does exactly that.  November was Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and with assistance, JL Smith, heightens everyone senses of  the warning signs of cancer in pets. Did you know that 1 in 5 cats will be diagnosed? That number is too close to home,and being a cat parent myself, it grasped my attention. Some people don’t realize that illnesses within humans are many times, found in cats as well. More power to JL Smith for her advocacy!

Take a look at: 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets


MOUSEBREATH is an award-winning magazine for everything cat lovers could possibly desire. Ranging from entertainment, humor, cat art and crafting, meditation and much more, this meow-gazine is definitely bound to catch the reader’s eye. Max Thompson, Feline Life Coach, also known as the Psycho kitty, has his own column on Mousebreath; and in my experience, the first and only kitty with an archive such as this one. Sarcastic, funny, and incorporating some mushy feline talk, Max answers all of the questions other cats struggle to answer. Whether they desire a manipulative answer on a method to have their litter box cleaned swiftly, or how to get holiday presents, this kitty has it covered.

Now that’s my kind of cat!

Check out the Ask Max archive!


Written by four cats, and their owner Amy, the main focus of this blog is purely to welcome kitty admirers.With assisting in animal rescue, and sharing adorable-and I mean, adorable photos and videos, you can’t help but tilt your head to the right and blurt out an “aww…” The title of the Blog, LOVEMEOW, says it all.  In a recent post, Buddy, a now four year old kitty, has been walking Richard Libby to his job everyday since he was a kitten. The smart feline friend assists him at the job site, and of course walks him home when his shift is completed.  Next assignment for me: Teach Sadie how to drive me to work! Hey, anything’s possible, right?

Check it out : Cat Accompanies Human To Work Every Day


This group for CUTEOVERLOAD was derived by boingboing one fine day. Receiving a ton of submissions of  lovable, squoosh-able animal pictures, posts were created and now their blog is widely viewed. Want to laugh? Or how about pout ? The pictures on this blog are so mushy that you can’t think of any other face to make. Pictures seem so un-meowably real, it’s hard not to go through all of their posts. An interesting comparison between kittys and pinup girls can be found on this blog. Marilyn Monroe…kitty style?

Take a look at: Caturday Cats that Look Like Pinup Girls


Stephanie Harwin, professional writer and blogger, brings fun content to the kitty world. Winning several different awards, she’s traveled from Paris, to the US, to kitty litter facials (segment was featured on Dr. Oz), Stephanie has the latest gossip, including the newest of news pertaining to cats-even pertaining to celebrities. This is definitely not your typical blog, as Ms. CATSPARELLA, really does her research.Think of it as a classy Cosmopolitan. Recently, there was a German debatable candy…yes debatable- chocolate cat tongue. What?! You’ll be beyond happy to know that Katzenzungen, is strictly made of chocolate. No cat tongue involved.

Read more here: Cat Got Your Katzenzungen Cat Tongue Chocolates?


Internet marketer and blogger of PAWFUN, BL Ochman is most importantly the mommy to Noni the kitty and to Benny Bix, her chocolate Labrador. Hitting on practically any topic one can think of from animal communication, to pet art, and of course, the fun videos, what’s not to love? Speaking of videos, one of which, was the Fireman saves Kitten video that went viral recently. Watch how an unconscious kitty was rescued from a smoke-filled house.  On another note, if you love love love to show off your little furry friend, then PAWFUN has a new application to do just that. You can create your own E-card with captions and decor…even glasses!

Check out both articles: Fireman Saves kitten: video goes viral & Use your pet photo to create and send cards


Earning money through Sponsorship, ROMEOTHECAT, has been able to raise $85,000 for animals in need. Although she claims her two cats are in charge, Caroline Golon is the author who follows their direction. Her inspiration was born when she adopted her own two kittys at a pet rescue in Indiana. The reason as to why this blog was created hit a soft spot in my heart alone-the articles just happen to pretty darn good as well! Personally, when I attempt to get Sadie to pose for the camera, it’s a hit or miss with her. Sometimes she’ll be an ultimate diva, other times she doesn’t want to be bothered-and she lets me know it! Not only is ROMEOTHECAT created for a good cause, in addition, they now have a solution to my photo dilemma -purrrfect.-especially now that the holidays are here!The staff got together with professional pet photographer, and scooped up 5 great tips!

Take a peak: Holiday Photos with Pets 


Jenny Dean, a rag doll cat lover, created a blog, FLOPPYCATS , to mainly focus on Ragdoll cats; however don’t be intimidated if you’re not a Ragdoll owner-any cat breed lover is welcome! Wanting to bridge the gap between Ragdoll owners who enjoy websites pertaining to this breed ,and to Ragdoll owners who perform in cat shows, she does just that. Including product reviews, give aways, and informative information, there’s way more than just specifics on the Ragdoll breed. Recently, she had guest poster, Lorie Huston, discuss geriatric cats. I know for me, I’m not good with detachment when it comes to certain people, and of course, my pets. In a way, I’m kind of scared of aging, but that’s simply my own stuff. But what about when your cat, or any pet for that matter, starts to age? Just as with a human, there are ways to maintain you’re cats comfortability and health.

Check out: Living With a Geriatric Cat

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