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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  May we all be blessed with the luck of the Irish.

By the way, what to you call a fake blarney stone?

A SHAM-ROCK! Get it, Shamrock…love that.

And now onto the scoop…We have a fabulous show planned for you tonight with four great guests.  Janice Costa from Canine Club Getaway talking about vacation for you and your dog, Tom Collins and Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws co-founders will bring us up to date with the latest news and information from BlogPaws HQ with our ongoing segment, COUNT DOWN TO BLOGPAWS!!!!  And we have blogger Neil Brogan, the author of the popular blog, “Life With Dogs”. Double Whoot! (Or Whoot Whoot or Woot Woot, whichever you prefer.)


World Focus-Paws for Japan

Celebrity Pet Gossip-Whose pet is doing what to what ,where and how!

Pet Health-What to do if your pet is bitten by a snake

Pet Trends-Be in the know with the latest info.

And of course, HILARITY AND MAYHEM…AS ALWAYS!!!  Meet back here, Thursday night at 6:30 PM EST.

Click here to listen to the show and don’t forget to jump into the chat room to have some fun.  We take questions and comments from the chat room during the broadcast.  You can listen on demand or download via iTunes.

About Canine Club Getaway: We are an all-inclusive resort vacation for dogs and the people who love them, holding an annual dog-centric vacation in Lake George, NY (our next Getaway is set for June 25-29, 2011). But this isn’t just a vacation where dogs are allowed — rather, the dogs are an integral part of the vacation, with dogs welcome in the pool, the bar, the seminars and the dog-friendly section of the dining room. We offer a host of activities (swimming, hiking, agility, hiking, flyball, frisbee, lure coursing, a silent auction to support animal charities), classes (canine CPR, Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen preparation and testing, “barks and crafts”) and seminars by veterinarians, trainers, dog behavior experts and even a dog talent agent!

Launched in 2009, we’ve been dubbed “Club Med for dogs” by New York’s Newsday and we were featured on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric in June of 2010.

For more BlogPaws info, check out their site at or click the badge to the right.

And about Life With Dog’s Nigel and Neil…Don’t you just love this little bugger?!! It’s Nigel Buggers!

Nigel Buggers and family

Nigel Buggers and family

Life With Dogs creator Neil Brogan

Nigel and Neil Brogan

Nigel and Neil Brogan








A rescued greyhound who seems more human than dog thanks to his talented daddy-peep who keeps blog hoppers laughing at his photos and enjoying news on his blog.

About Life With Dogs from the Author, Neil Brogan:

“Life With Dogs has grown from my personal blog and creative outlet on Blogger. It is my mission to fetch the most interesting and relevant dog news and video for your consumption when I’m not busy creating goofy cartoons and Photoshopped dog fun, or starting a thought provoking debate on our active fan page. In other words, I’m all over the place.”



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