Thursday Night is Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Night

Hello Everyone,

As you may have seen from our social media stream on Twitter, Facebook, etc., Philomena, our miniature pinscher is having surgery tonight. (Wednesday).  She had an impacted anal gland that needed a procedure last week, which the vet performed. Unfortunately, the gland abscessed and the vet is putting in a drain this evening and a few stitches.  One of the hardest things we do as pet owners is leave our pets at the vet for procedures.  It just broke our hearts.

We will pick our little Phillie girl up in the AM.   Thanks so much for all of your prayers, #pawcircle and well wishes.  We really appreciate it.  We will fill you in on her progress Thursday night during the show.

Thanks again, words cannot express how much your kind words mean to us.

The vet just called and said Phil is doing well.  The abscess was deep and needed 2 drains.  Phil is on a pain killer and resting comfortably on a soft cushion with her pink flowered blankie we left with her.  We will pick her up after the vet calls in the AM…probably very late morning. Whewwww!

Thursday: 12:43 PM EST Update: Our little girl is home.  She has her plastic e collar on and what looks like uncooked ziti coming out of her anal glands in 2 places…those are the drains.  We would take a picture and put it on the blog, but you might pass out.  (I do every time I look at it…Joe is better at this than I am.)  The drains are held in place by stitches. (I am still woozie.)  Phil is alert, ate and on pain meds.  Her sister Cha is keeping her warm and they are eyeing us up for lunch.  More tonight on the radio.

Thanks again for all of your concern and well wishes!

Robbin and Joe

An now Thursday’s nights show will be super duper.  Here is what we have lined up-

Hot Topics:

Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue with Silvie the dog

5 Tips to Start a Pet Sitting Business with Robyn Elman

Celebrity Pet Gossip-Vampire Elephants and Tori Spelling’s Third Kid

Pet  Health- Pet Poisons and Our emergency visit to the vet with crew member Philomena the Min Pin-what you need to know for your next emergency vet visit.

Earth Shattering Pet Trend update-Pet Friendly? You bet your sweet slot machine.

Global animal update-Hog wild

Giveaways AKA Great Free stuff!

Cute low riders

PLUS! Random, funny, pet related hilarity and mayhem

And! Read our bi-weekly newspaper column, Pets Teach Us So Much in the Monmouth County, NJ  newspaper, The Coaster starting next Thursday!

About our guests:

Silvie on 4

Silvie on 4


From rescue to royalty Silvieon4 shares her life.

Silvieon4 is a four-year- old Bichon Frise who was rescued by Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue.  Her blog,  is a record of her journey from rescue to her present status as royalty.  Yes, royalty, crowns and all, [many many crowns].  She has the pictures to prove that she rules her queendom.  Yes, she is a bit of a feminist…

Silvieon4 has been a strong advocate and supporter of rescue and she strives to educate 2 leggeds [people] by sharing her point of view from a 4 legged’s perspective.  Sometimes it ‘s humorous, sometimes it’s painful, but it’s always informative and always entertaining.

Her political awareness has been well documented, from her letter to newly elected President Obama on election night, to her support of national legislative efforts to protect animals and outlaw puppy mills. [Shiver]

More than just blogging, Silvieon4 is known all over the Tidewater area for her participation in the fund raising events for TBFR and in the Cutest Dog contest which she entered to raise awareness of her alma mater.  While Silvieon4 thinks money is “dirty paper”, she does understand that it takes dirty paper to pay for things.

While 2leggeds  may think that they are rescuing 4leggeds, Silvieon4 has learned that  the truth is quite different… Many many times, it’s the 2legged that is being rescued.

On a personal note, Silvieon4 is a fashionista, bon vivant and well-traveled  Bichon with friends and blog readers all over the world. Her Facebook page is scattered with Italian and French comments, and oh yes, she loves being photographed.!/silvieon4

She is on Dogster, the Pet Blog Directory, Doggy Space, ZooToo.



Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue is an independent rescue that follows the Best Practice Guidelines and Standards as set forth by the Bichon Frise Club of America.

We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit, tax-exempt, volunteer organization incorporated in the state of Virginia. Our primary mission is the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Bichons and the control of the animal population by spaying and neutering all Bichons before they are placed into new homes.

We are committed to placing Bichons only in homes where they will be safe and receive good, loving and humane treatment.

We serve most of Virginia, as well as the northeastern area of North Carolina.

We also have Robyn Elman, President of Home Pet Services.  She is going to give us 5 Tips for starting our own petsitting business.

Robyn Elman, President of In Home Pet Services (photo)

Robyn Elman, President of In Home Pet Services (photo)

About In Home Pet Services, Inc.: In Home Pet Services (IHPS) was started in 2003 by Robyn Elman, a former Zookeeper at the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo, who also has a degree in Biology from Binghamton University.  With her love of animals and head for business, In Home Pet Services has quickly expanded to 4 locations, 3 of which are franchised – with the most recent new franchise location opening in January of 2011 and another location opening in May 2011.  IHPS became a New York State Corporation in 2004, trademarked the In Home Pet Services name, and in 2006 created the franchise system. The first franchise location opened in Brooklyn, NY in April 2008.  Services IHPS offers are: pet sitting; dog walking; doggie day care camp; in-home boarding; bird clipping and more.  Robyn is also certified in and teaches Pet First Aid & CPR classes throughout New York City, Queens, and Long Island.  Robyn has been featured on HGTV and in Entrepreneur Magazine, Queens Courier, Times Ledger of Flushing, Queens Ledger, Newsday, Long Island Business News, Long Island Press, The Pet Gazette, Nassau Parent,,,, and featured on for Fios1.

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