The Pet Lover’s Guide to Finding Love. How do I find Love? (Part I)

How Do I Find Love?

The pet lovers guide to finding love….pets teach us how!

Find Love and someone who loves your pets too! (

Find Love and someone who loves your pets too! (

Spring has sprung here in the northeast, at last!  A warm, sunny day makes us feel alive and full of hope for the glorious days ahead.

Perhaps you are looking for someone to romp in the park with? Let’s take a look at what you can do to find love.

The Outside

Take a look at yourself from head to toe.  What do you see?  Do you need a little sprucing up?  Every pet will tell you it  is time to shed and spruce!  Cha and Phil just had baths, coats brushed, teeth brushed and paw-di-cures…so let’s take a cue on what to do


Is it time to find a new hairdresser?  For women, this is as hard as Philomena the Min Pin balancing a cookie on her nose.  Translation, this is very hard.  A fresh color and cut will make you feel like a million dollars.   If going to a pro is a bit more then you can spend, don’t worry!  You can still look good without spending a bundle.

Low cost alternative: check out the new colors of DIY home hair color treatments, styling aids and hot oil treatments.


Funky, yellow teeth are a no-no.  Come on, even many Vets are recommending annual cleaning for your pets teeth, so how about your teeth.  See your dentist regularly and make sure your teeth are sparkling!  Consider professional whitening treatments if your teeth look yellow or stained.

Low cost alternative: there are a few white strip alternatives on the market.  You can get a whitening kit for a fraction of what you would pay for a pro kit.


A mani-pedi will keep you feeling fresh.  Consider a shellac nail polish that will last for 2 weeks.  They cost more, but you will not be frustrated when your polish chips the minute you walk out of the salon.  And don’t forget your feet.

Those cracked, dry, winter feet have got to go!  Slough and polish will make your tootsies sparkle.

Low cost alternative:  many stores sell DIY gel polish with a light that sets the polish.  You can get a kit for what it would cost for 2 gel polish applications.

Weight and Health

Are you taking care of yourself?  Watching your diet and staying healthy will keep you in top shape for long walks on the beach or biking in the park.  Take time to treat yourself right.  Make you a priority.


Are you stuck in a different decade? Well it’s time to purchase a few new notfits that flatter your new look.  You don’t want to look like a hoochie, but you don’t want to look like granny either!  Find the right, age appropriate look that you feel most comfortable in.

Stay tuned for our Part II next week…

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