The Love Genies-Relationship experts for people with pets. Reducing stress in relationships, Part II



The Love Genies are relationship experts especially for people with pets.  We all need a little relationship help now and again.  Robbin and Joe will help you out!

The Love Genies talk about  reducing stress-Part II in show 105.  Below is a recap of the conversation.  Tune into the show to hear the whole conversation.

Last week we talked about taking the stress out of your relationships.  Loving someone without an expectation is the first step.  Now, lets go one step further.  You need to get to the point where you don’t care.  You need to love and not care.  Do you worry if your dog is lying in the grass or squeaking his toys?  No-no expectation.  Do you care if your friend is hooking up with the wrong guy?  Yes, because you don’t want her or him to get hurt and you don’t want to listen to the whining when it doesn’t work out.  Think differently and set parameters.

So set the expectation a little differently then you had before.  Everyone needs to have his or her own life.  Living his or her own life, making his or her own mistakes.  Love but don’t get all caught up in the drama.  It’s not easy, but it is freeing, once you get there.  Make up your mind and make it happen.  You need to distress your mind and let go of the things you can’t control.

This doesn’t mean you don’t love someone.  It just means you don’t care about the minutia and you love someone enough to make peace with his or her choices good or bad.

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