The Love Genies, Beyond Making Your Partner Purr

Beyond Making Your Partner Purr

Happy time! (

Happy time! (

In show 95, we talked about the next steps after “Making Your Partner Purr”.  Below is a synopsis of what was discussed.

Last week we talked about validating our partners through listening to them.  It’s simply the single easiest way to make your partner purr

So if you are in the beginning stages of a relationship and your partner isn’t listening now…do you think it is going to get better?  NO!  Get out while you can.

By really listening to what your partner is trying to tell you, you will be able to validate them and yourself by giving them the respect of your time and attention.  Beyond that though, what makes your partner purr?

Well, if we take a cue from our furry friends, perhaps a new squeaky ball or catnip filled mousey toy?    Baubles are good for pets and for people, but what does your partner really like to do.

Of late, we have found so many people that don’t have any hobbies or interests.  Really?!!!  They don’t like to do anything!  Reading, arts and crafts, walks….nothing!!!

Actually one of our friends said, I don’t know what I like to do.  (Spending time with your pets aside.)

Assuming your partner has a hobby or interest, let them pursue it.  Let them be who they truly are. You should be treated the same way.  Regardless of what it is, both of you should be supported in the hobbies or past times that make you happy.

In my first marriage, I couldn’t pursue half of the things I wanted to.  I had to lie to get supplies for my craft projects for fear of being criticized over what I spent.  (I was working 4 jobs and we were very financially stable.)  So I had no creative outlet.

Joe had the same situation.  Sneaking trains into the house or parts.  Meanwhile the trauma of what he saw everyday would have left most people in an asylum. Everyone needs something that they love doing.  Whether it’s playing golf, gardening or making candles, your brain needs a rest.

If you don’t honor the other person’s creative or recreational past times, you will harbor resentment.   Honor who you are is necessary to making a great relationship.




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