The Five Most Interesting Dog Breeds


George Lopez and the Chihuahua he voices as "Papi" in Beverly Hills Chihuahua

George Lopez and the Chihuahua he voices as “Papi” in Beverly Hills Chihuahua (Photo: expo

Regardless if they’re petite, a little large, wrinkly or not, they’re all different and similar in their own way. Here are a few interesting facts and tid-bits about the 5 most interesting dog breeds!


Stop the Presses! You’ve seen him on Milkbone commercials, The Dr. Oz show, and even in Vogue. Who can it be? The famous Chihuahua, Eli of course.

Eli modeling a fantastic costume by Roberto Negrin.  Pictured with his mom, Karen Biehl, AKA, Cleopatra. (Photo: Karen Biehl, via Facebook)

Eli modeling a fantastic costume by Roberto Negrin. Pictured with his mom, Karen Biehl, AKA, Cleopatra. (Photo: Karen Biehl, via Facebook)

Named after a city in Mexico, the breed was believed to be derived from the Techichi. Techichis’ were known to be small mute dogs. Hard to believe if you ever came across a Chihuahua bark, right?

So what makes a Chihuahua so intriguing? Well, first of all, did you know that they’re the smallest dog breed in the world? Yet, they’re so obvious to their tiny sizes. The little pooch has the longest life span, in addition to the biggest brain compared to other dogs. They’re known to be extremely loyal to their owners as well as very protective – and not to mention photogenic, if you haven’t noticed.

George Lopez, comedian and actor, has three Chihuahuas himself and talks about his “Chihuahua wedding” on The Ellen DeGeneres show.

Pugs– aka “multum in parvo” (a lot of dog in a small space)

Whether it’s Frank featured in The Men in Black, or was once a part of the royals, you can’t help but admire them.

The adorable, little, chubsters have been associated with royalty, as mentioned in pugvillage within the Chinese and European Empires.; so it’s no surprise that they don’t like to go to the bathroom in any unclean areas. Make sure their “spot” is clean!

A contradicting fact: According to,, pugs are called mops in Germany. Ironic, isn’t it?

Jessica Alba has two of her own, and even built a room just for his canine friends, Bowie and Sid, named after the musicians.

English Bull Dog

Another popular tail wagger, mainly bred in England is the English Bull Dog. You may recognize Ike, the well-acclaimed Kibbles and Bits doggy representative. Have you realized that bulldogs are widely used as mascots for universities and sports events?

They are believed to be a mix of the Pug and the Mastiff. Funny little fact: there was always a thought that the pug was chosen to mix with the mastiff to give their product a tinier appearance. Because of their big head, the majority of them are birthed via cesarean, according to dog whisperer, Cesar Milan.

Though known to be more laid back than other dogs, this pooch needs to be watched for respiratory issues due to their little squooshed noses, as well as infections. Always always always clean between their folds. They’re very sensitive to the heat and the cold, so when it’s warm out, bring them inside to cool off, and vice versa. 

German Shepard

In case you weren’t sure, this breed is derived from Germany. They were initially bred to herd sheep, but have definitely made their way up the ladder as they are the most popular to work with police and the blind. Curious, Intelligent, and upbeat, who wouldn’t want a dog such as the German Shepard to be on their side? Not to mention, they’re excellent watchdogs not only for adults, but very protective of kids as well.


As with Chihuahuas, the Maltese may be small, but they don’t allow their size to interfere with their self-esteem. Do not judge either, as their distinct barks towards strangers will definitely wake you up at night. They can also identify with the pug in a royal aspect, as they’re well-known for being associated with emperors and admired by the wealthy in the past, as per    A perk about these pups? They don’t shed. They have long hair, but that’s exactly what it is-long hair, not fur; and though it may occasionally fall out, it’s not half as bothersome to someone allergic to dogs. If you’re looking for an affectionate, gentle, furry friend, the Maltese is a great choice.

Halle Berry owns two Maltese dogs, Willy and Polly who are pretty much inseparable. Animal Planet mentions several others such as Elizabeth Taylor, Torrie Wilson, and Eva Longoria.

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