The Blog Snobs Radio Show, 7, PMS or End of Days-either could take you out.

Yes, well, you know…sometimes PMS could take a person out…just throw chocolate at the “challenge”…because we know it’s not the WOMAN that’s the “problem” and tune in for laughter and mayhem.

Ohhh, yeah!

Ohhh, yeah!

It’s just like Robbin & Joe Everett to stir up the topics like mixing together the ingredients in a cake.  Tasty, springy and moist, The Blog Snobs bring you the best of the internet all with a dose of laughter and coffee…or vodka, whichever you would prefer.


Cynthia Segal, Pet Psychic

Cynthia Segal, Pet Psychic

Thursday’s guest is fabulous Pyschic, Cynthia Segal! More info regarding Cynthia and her services can be found at

Tune in Thursday at 6:30 PM EST to listen live via Blog Talk Radio or after the show, listen here anytime or download to iTunes!


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