The #1 Thing You Need to do to Find a Pet Loving Mate

The #1 thing you need to do to find a pet loving mate

Are you drifting in the ocean of life? (Photo:

Are you drifting in the ocean of life? (Photo:

Robbin and Joseph Everett are The Love Genies for people in search of their pet loving mates.  Today we talk about the #1 think you need to do to find a pet loving mate.

We have written a lot of helpful hints about finding your forever mate over the years…like a forever home for a pet.  Your heart needs a home.  You need a sanctuary.  For some, people it’s another person.  For others, it’s a physical place or outlet.   For those of you who would very much like to find a forever mate, we have the secret for you.

When a dog goes to play with his toys or a cat scratches a post, it is with intent.  There is very little grey area in the world of our pets.  They operate with clear intent.  They don’t play “head games.”

Are you operating with clear intent in your quest for a relationship or in your current relationship?

A few weeks ago we talked about thinking about what kind of person you are looking for in a relationship.  So now we need to talk about intent.  Do you want to get married?  Do you want to buy a house with a partner.  Perhaps have children?  Are you clear in your intent?  Are you doing what you need to be doing to reach your goals?  (We will be talking about goals in our next Love Genies Post.)

Watch your pet.  Does he go to his bowl when he wants to play? No, of course not.  Are you sending mixed signals either intentionally or have you not figured out what it is you want?

Don’t drift in the ocean of life.  Everyday, be clear what your intent will be, whether its, cook a special meal, go to the gym, save $10 or look for your forever mate…you need to operate with intent.  Operating with intent will help you in so many aspects of your life and help to alleviate your frustration.

What is your intent?

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