The #1 Pet Radio and #1 Pet Podcast Show! The Pet Podcast Channel’s, Pets Teach Us So Much 125, with Robbin and Joseph Everett




The most popular pet radio and pet podcast show, Pets Teach Us So Much is ready to rock this week. The Pet Podcast Channel, ( is your #1 pet radio and pet podcast show and the global choice for pet related new media entertainment.

So much great info on tap for Thursday, March 27! Scheduled to appear, Steven Katz, President of Canine Cancer Research USA talks to us about the state of Canine Cancer today.  We have talked a lot about this over the years.  Steven can bring valuable insight to what is going on with our pets health, diet, GMO and so much more.

Plus we have all of usual mayhem and hilarity!

On tap for discussion:

Special Needs Pets

Cats on Counters

Dog gives Heimlich and so much more!

Join us Thursday, March 27 at 6:00, PM on or download anytime.

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