Terrorists taught us to KEEP ON SWIMMING

This week was so horrific for Boston, Texas, basically all Americans and cyberspace in general.

First-Our hearts and prayers go out to all of the families and friends of those who have been impacted.  The events that occurred this week are just horrible.

Kudos to all of the law enforcement, fire, EMS, state and federal agencies that helped find and bring down the Boston Marathon bombers.  Thank you for your service to this country.

God Bless America (Photo: Liveloveteachart.com)

God Bless America  (Photo: Liveloveteachart.com)

On another note, we wanted to bring you up to speed on terrorism of another kind that has knocked us down this week…but not out.

We wanted to post so many things on our site this week, but we couldn’t.  Cyber terrorists took control of WordPress blogs through an Autobot attack.  Then, the DDOS virus attacked BlogTalkRadio which messed up not one, but two shows we tried to record.


Next week, we will be bringing you an interview with Dylan Lauren that we are going to record tonight at the Monmouth County SPCA Fur Ball.

Thanks to chat room am-BASS-ador, “JDrew”-Drew Craven, Karen Nichols at Mousebreath.com, Lisa Taron at PetBookLady.com, Carol Bryant at Fidoseofreality.com and Angie Bailey at CatLadyLand.net for your support this week. You all were incredible supportive and we really appreciate it.  Thanks for all of your calls, posts, tweets, meows and woofs.  You are all so wonderful and so much a part of our pet loving living room, especially on Thursday nights!

God Bless America and Stay Strong pet lovers!

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