Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 169 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

Director Justin  Zimmerman joins us to talk about his new animal rescue documentary, SMART.

In the city of Los Angeles, the members of SMART (Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team) have stepped up to save lives.  This division of trained and passionate animal lovers risks life and limb to rescue all kinds of creatures in need.

Great interview with Justin, plus our usual, unusual mayhem and fun.

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, 108, Dog News, Does Responsible Breeding Exist?

Yippee Kay Yay Cowboys and Cowgirls!  Saddle up and cinch up tight, because this fabulous episode of the most popular pet podcast on the planet, Pets Teach Us So Much, is going to be a wild ride!

We have Part II of the Love Genies segment about confidence in your personal relationships, mainly- we will be talking about leadership skills.

And scheduled to appear:

Author, M. Louise Hedyt will give us the scoop on her new book, Going to the Dogs. 

M. Louise Hedyt, Author, Going to the Dogs

M. Louise Hedyt, Author, Going to the Dogs


Jose Cruz, talking about responsible breeding and his Chatham Hill Dogs.

Jose Cruz

Jose Cruz

And Carol Bryant with the latest scoop from!

Carol Bryant

Carol Bryant

Plus we have pet nutrition and health on tap to discuss and dog news, cat news and tons of fun! Join us Sept. 26 from 6-7 PM EST on , iTunes, Stitcher or on our site anytime.

About our guests:

M. Louise Heydt:

Louise Heydt is the author of “Going to the Dogs, An Incredible True Story.”  She lives in the Ojai Valley in the Central Coastal Region of California.  She has a Master’s Degree in Eastern Classics from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She brings her academic knowledge of Buddhism, Hinduism, and the literary classics of India, China and Japan into her writing.  She has traveled extensively in Asia.

She lived on a two hundred acre property surrounded by the Santa Fe National Forest in northern New Mexico for twenty years before moving to California.  This experience resulted in her first book, “Divine Rainbow, Nature as Spiritual Teacher,” published in 2006, which won first place in the New Mexico Book Awards in 2007.

Jose Cruz:

Joe, Kathleen and their 5 children have been running a real world proof of concept since 2004 involving a diversity breeding program to provide a stronger and healthier immune system for owners of the puppies from litters they’ve selectively planed for.  It’s a living experiment that uses a few different breeds to create an outcross in an effort to diversify the gene pool for Flat Coated Retrievers.  Using a process of careful selection to cross lines of Cocker, Field and Springer Spaniels with the Flat Coats and create a hybrid that resembles a smaller retriever they have called the Chatham Hill Retriever.  They also began introducing the Yellow variant of the FCR back into their program, along with future plans to outcross with the Long Haired Weimaraner, which is an uncommon variation of this popular pointer breed.  They’ve further shuffled their genetic deck by also accepting the blue variation of this pointer in their breeding program.  With a long term goal to eventually breed these hybrids back into the foundation stock of dogs until the form and function is just like a Flat Coated Retriever, but with a stronger immune system and less hereditary problems than are currently plaguing the existing gene pool.

They’ve produced over 150 puppies since 2004 with a track record of producing dogs with so few health problems that its now eclipsing what the poor statistical expectations have been for so many other traditional breeders.

Their dogs are living a sweet life on a 30 acre ranch that’s been converted to accommodate dogs instead of horses. Visitors are welcome by appointment almost every weekend throughout the year to come and visit their doggy dude ranch and meet the pack of dogs and see them playing out in the fields or in the indoor arena that is setup for rally training.

Carol Bryant:

“A dog lover of the highest order,” is how Gayle King introduced Carol Bryant when she and her Cocker Spaniel appeared on Oprah Radio’s Gayle King show to dish dogs. When she isn’t working, writing, or diversifying her dog’s squeaky ball collection, Carol, like many pet bloggers, helps to spread the word about pets in need.

Carol works with BlogPaws pet blogger social media community and conferences and runs her own online magazine style dog blog, Fidose of Reality, in addition to writing for Pet360 and other publications, so she knows a thing or two about dogs.





Popular Pet Radio Show, Pets Teach Us So Much 95, Keep Your Partner Purring, Part II

The most popular radio show on the planet, Pets Teach Us So Much is bringing you so much fab entertainment this week!

We will tell you how to keep your partner happy! (photo:

We will tell you how to keep your partner happy! (photo:

Our Love Genies segment this week covers Part II of “Keep your partner purring”…or their tail wagging.

Plus, scheduled to guest this week:

Dr. Jason Nicholas

Dr. Jason Nicholas

Dr. Jason Nicholas will be talking about his new book,101 Essential Tips You Need to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Safe Dog.  This is great info for anyone with a doggie!

David Yaskulka

David Yaskulka

David is the  VP of Marketing/Communications for Halo.  He is going to give us all of the scoop on the Halo Pop Up Store in NYC and all of the events scheduled for this month.

Plus, you know we will give you all of the latest pet news and information from all around the world!  Tune into this episode on June 6, 6:00 PM, EST live or listen anytime.  Download us through iTunes, Stitcher or listen through our site.

Pet lovers rock!  Thank you for making us your pet show of choice!  We love you!


Dr. Jason Nicholas


Dr. Jason Nicholas, aka The Preventive Vet, is a veterinarian and pet safety expert whose motto – “Be Aware. Be Prepared. Be Preventive!” – is helping pets and people the world over. He has a passion and unique ability for empowering pet parents with the information, advice, and resources they need to keep their beloved cats and dogs happy, healthy, safe, and well. He created the popular pet parent education website,, and he is the author of the indispensible book, and perfect “puppy-warming” gift, 101 Essential Tips You Need to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Safe Dog.


Pet Radio Show, Pets Teach Us So Much, Discusses Celebrating Small Triumphs

Pet radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much features a Love Genies segment every week aimed at helping people live the life they love with their pets.  Episode 89 discusses the benefits of Celebrating Small Triumphs…listen to the episode for the full discussion.  Here is a synopsis of what Robbin and Joseph Everett, The Love Genies, discussed-


Celebrate small triumphs

Celebrate small triumphs

Celebrate Small Triumphs

Chachala, our Chihuahua, loves to help us.  If we drop something on the floor, she brings it back to us.  Philomena, our Miniature Pinscher is learning to do this as well.  If Joe gives Cha or Phil something and tells them to bring it to me, they will.  We always give them lots of praise when they complete the task.

You may be saying, “No big deal”.  However, celebrating their accomplishments makes them feel so proud.  They prance and parade around the room, wagging their tails and tossing their toys into the air.

Which leads us to our Love Genies thought for the day, the importance of celebrating our own small triumphs.

Dealing with all that we have to deal with during the day, can leave us feeling drained.  Sometimes the mass of tasks that we need to accomplish just seems overwhelming! Work, kids, pets, wash, cleaning, food shopping, house maintenance, car maintenance, pet maintenance and our own body maintenance leave us little time to actually do the things we truly love to do.

Whether it’s taking the dog for a long walk or spending time crafting, watching sports or hanging out with friends, these things that give us pleasure take a back seat to the thing we need to get done every week, like go food shopping.

Cell phones and emails, although so fantastic in so many ways, have quickened to pace of everyday life.  This pace is draining and we need to find a way to recharge our minds, bodies and souls.

We often find ourselves focusing on the 100 things we need to do instead of the 1 thing we did.  Celebrating the small triumphs in life is so underrated.  Remember when we were kids?  We used to be so proud when we learned to tie our shoe or complete our ABC’s?

What happened to that feeling of wonder, awe and pride?  Was it replaced by that feeling of “Reality bites and I’m not doing what I love because I have to pay the bills and honestly, I don’t even know what I love to do anymore?”

Here is one way to help you refocus and rebalance your life.

Make a list of your weekly to dos and your big list of other stuff you need to get done.  Once you figure out what you need to get done on a weekly basis and when, add in time that is “Me Time” (MT).  Schedule your fun time during the time you are at your best.  For example, if you are a morning person, schedule your MT at the time you are most awake.  Warning! Make sure you do not need to be bionic to accomplish what is on your list.  Keep your list realistic and doable.

During those stressful times at work, take a moment to think about the craft project you are going to work on this weekend or the special trip you are going to take with your pet.  This mental break helps give you the motivation you need to get all of the mundane stuff out of the way so you will have the time you want this weekend to pursue your MT.

Mentally celebrate the fact that you did the wash on Monday night and went food-shopping Tuesday as planned.  It may sound silly, but when you work toward a goal, you are just motivating yourself and enjoying life.

Life is so short.  Planning realistic goals, celebrating small triumphs and making MT will keep your spirits up and help keep you from burning out.


Pet Radio Show, Pets Teach Us So Much 89, Pet Grief & Celebrate Small Triumphs

Celebrate small triumphs (Photo:

Celebrate small triumphs (Photo:

The most popular pet radio show on the planet, Pets Teach Us So Much, 89 is ready to rock on Thursday night!

This week, during our Love Genies segment, we discuss the importance of celebrating the small triumphs in your life.

Scheduled guest, Claire Gillenson,  Grief-ol-ogist, educating us about ways to deal with pet loss and anticipatory grief.  This should be an interesting segment that all of us can use to help ourselves and our pet loving friends.

Claire Gillenson

Claire Gillenson


Plus we have all of the latest pet news and information from all over the world!  Join us live on April 11, at 6:30 PM EST on, download us on iTunes or listen via the blog player on our site.

About Claire Gillenson:

As a grief-o-logist, Claire works with people who are seemingly ‘thriving’ on the outside, but are grieving inside. She specialize in losses that are not part of mainstream conversations.  Pet loss, miscarriage, pregnancy loss, suicide, recovery are some of the “elephants in the room” she shines healing light onto. Her approach is intuitive and integrative, melding Reiki and Masters Degrees knowledge with real-life action steps to all areas of one’s life- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Today, she is blessed to use all of her gifts to help people who are ready to move through pain without the suffering. You can find her locally in Los Angeles, virtually via phone sessions and globally via Skype.  A published author, speaker and pet loss educator, Claire is also a webinar presenter and member of IAAHPC, expert consultant for,  pet griefologist for Embrace Pet Insurance, member of AHVMA, PLPA, and the founder of Luxepets LLC, a luxury inspirational keepsakes company.  She has been featured in Marie Claire, InStyle, Martha Stewart Living, Body + Soul, and Good Morning America.

Pet Radio Show, Pets Teach Us So Much, 88, Use Common Cat Sense, Pet Insurance and Author, Marianne McKeirnan



smart cat

smart cat

The most popular pet radio show on the planet, Pets Teach Us So Much 88 is ready to rock on Thursday night!

This week, during our Love Genies segment, we discuss using your animal instincts  or cat sense as the case may be, to enhance your well being.

Listeners asked and we deliver…a segment on pet insurance.  A relatively new option for pet parents, we all need to get the scoop so…

Morgan Barnes

Morgan Barnes

Our scheduled guest is Morgan Barnes from Petfirst Insurance.  She will navigate us through the pet insurance market today.

And we will hear about Author, Marianne McKeirnan’s book, “Let the Dogs Speak!

Marianne McKeirnan's book, "Let the Dogs Speak"

Marianne McKeirnan’s book, “Let the Dogs Speak”


About “Let the Dogs Speak!”

You see a working dog in a cape and you wonder: Can I pet him? How did he get to be so well-trained? Is he happy? In Let the Dogs Speak! four puppies tell their funny, suspenseful, and heartwarming tales of just how it all goes down as they train for the opportunity to be service dogs for Canine Companions for Independence®. Follow Hudson, Parker, Ross and Mars on their journeys, with each puppy providing a uniquely hilarious spin on things. Which of the four dogs will make it? Readers can’t help but root for the pups to succeed and graduate as service dogs.

About the Author

Marianne McKiernan, a two-time Emmy award winning producer and an animal communicator, has been involved with Canine Companions for Independence since October of 2001, when she received her first puppy in training. Along with her husband, John, she has raised eight Canine Companion pups, and counting. The true authors of the book are Hudson, Parker, Ross and Mars as they relayed their stories to Marianne. All of the author proceeds from the book are donated to Canine Companions for Independence.

Plus we have all of the latest pet news and information from all over the world!  Join us live on April 4, at 6:30 PM EST on, download us on iTunes or listen via the blog player on our site.

The most popular pet related radio show, Pets Teach Us So Much, 75, Be A Smart Pup and Avoid Social Ticks

An interesting look at life and self with The Love Genies on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio & Podcast

An interesting look at life and self with The Love Genies on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio & Podcast

The most popular pet radio show and podcast, Pets Teach Us So Much with Robbin and Joseph Everett wraps up a great year with a fabulous and frank episode you will love!

The Love Genies segment brings you advice about avoiding those people that just leave us feeling drained after an interaction…those “Social Ticks”. YIKES!

Plus celebrity pet gossip, pet health information and news from all over the world!

Join us at 6:30 PM EST on Thursday, December 27, 2012 on or download the show to listen to at work.

Get The Treats You Want In Your Personal Life

Get the treats you want in your life

Get the treats you want in your life


On our last episode of Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, the most popular radio show for pet owners, we talked about how to get the treats you want in your personal life, both figuratively and literally.

How does a dog or cat tell you they want a treat?  Do they speak to you?

Perhaps they do, in a way.  They go over to the treat jar in the morning.  Nudge you after walkies and bark if you forget to give them a treat.  They really do become very specific about what they want and when they want it, don’t they?

This story was prompted by a conversation about gift giving.  Two people were talking about how their significant others were horrible gift givers.  They were always disappointed with what they received at the holidays.

They were setting unrealistic expectations.  Instead of  helping their spouses or setting a realistic expectation, they were setting up a self fulfilling prophecy of disappointment.  They just complained about their spouses for about an hour and sent out so much negativity.

Discussing expectations, budgets, likes and dislikes can lead to a realistic and happy gift giving experience.  It’s nice to think that puppies and rainbows magically appear when we smile, but that only happens on TV friends.

Stop putting out negative energy and help your spouse or partner.  If they truly care about you, they will listen and be happy to get suggestions to make you happy.

Always complaining leads to hard feelings and potential irreparable damage in your relationship.  Loving relationships need open communication and realistic expectations in order for you to get the treat that you would like in life.

To listen to our discussion, check out episode 74 of Pets Teach Us So Much Radio.

Popular radio for pet lovers! Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show 74, Get the Treat in Your Personal Life

Robbin and Joseph Everett return with the groundbreaking Love Genies on the most popular pet radio show for people with pets, Pets Teach Us So Much.

This week we talk about how to get the treat in your personal life.  Get that which you truly desire! Learn how on this episode.

Dr. Louck and Molly

Dr. J. Loucks and Molly her dog

PLUS! Dr. Loucks from the Whippany Veterinary Hospital returns to talk about holiday hazards for your pets.



Oh no! Buddy, put down those decorations!

Oh no! Buddy, put down those decorations!

Tinsel in the tummy ...belongs on your tree...not your pet's tummy!

Tinsel in the tummy …belongs on your tree…not your pet’s tummy!

You don’t want to miss this fantastic episode that will bring you some good cheer before the holidays!

Be careful kitty!

Be careful kitty!


Join us at 6:30 PM EST on to listen live or jump into the chat room.

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show, 73, Live Your Best Life, Wag and Purr More

Pet Lovers, energize your day with a helping of Robbin and Joe!  This most popular, highly recommended radio to podcast show brings you the best pet related new media entertainment on the planet!

Robbin and Joseph Everett bring you laughter and fun with their  Love Genies segment, “Live your best life, wag and purr more and watch your dreams come true.”


Live better! Listen to this episode.

Live better! Listen to this episode.

Plus Celebrity Pet Gossip and pet news and information from all around the world!

Join us for a wonderful episode, Thursday, December 16 at 6:30 PM EST. Jump into the chat room at