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Be The Puppy!

Be The Puppy!

Robbin and Joseph Everett, the most popular pet podcasters and radio personalities on the pet loving planet bring you a fun filled episode for the holidays!

Its the most wonderful time of the year! Gift suggestions for all of your pet loving friends are featured in this episode.

Plus our usual fun and mayhem is always on tap!

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18 Must Have Gifts for Dog and Cat Owners with Giveaway

***All of these items will be discussed on our Pets Teach Us So Much Radio show, Dec. 4 at 6:00 PM ET on or available anytime on our site, iTunes or Stitcher!***

18 Must have gifts for dog and cat owners…YES! It’s the ultimate pet lover’s holiday gift guide.

It’s time for the 2014 Ultimate Holiday Pet Lover’s Gift Guide. Below you will find some great picks to delight pet pawrents! These gifts are thoughtful, cool, trendy and tops on our list! Certainly will meet all the needs of any pet’s Mind, Body and Soul.

Body- Fashion and ID Tags

Keeping your dog warm in cool temperatures helps him with comfort and we can’t forget style! Both of these options are fab for chilly days and frosty nights.


PJNY-The Puff Doggy Parka

Stylish and sleek, the Parka is made with a high shine waterproof polyester shell, poly fill insulation, and fleece lining giving it triple layer protection. So on trend. And of course the faux fur lined hood to add warmth and style.  Velcro closures on the chest and belly ensures a snug and flattering fit. Made in the USA $48.00


GoldPaw Series, Portland Pullover

The many features of this fabulous Portland Pullover include: BionicECO Softshell back is waterproof and dirt repellant, stretchy cirrus fleece belly and neck for easy fitting, long shawl collar for superior coverage, even up over ears, easily slips over head, certified flourocarbon free – protects our waterways, bluesign® certified materials, recycled materials, made in the USA



Twigo Pet ID Tag

Kind of a cool idea…a silicone pet ID tag that is lead and phthalate free. No more jingle, jingle like Santa’s sleigh. Yes! We actually take our dogs collars off when they are in the house because they would keep us up all night rattling those tags! $10.00

Body-Nutrition, Snacks, Chews and a Groovy Bowl!

Dog snacks and Chews make great stocking stuffers and there is a wide variety of flavors, shapes and sizes available. 

Copper’s Classic Beef Ears

Coppers sources raw materials solely from cattle born and raised in the U.S.A. All of their treats are processed and sold in the U.S.A. They contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Their product line includes beef ears, twist bully sticks and smoked beef trachea. 6 count bag, $15 Contact Rebecca Deveau-Greene directly to purchase at 970-347-5655


Indigo Triple Chews

Come in three sizes to match the size of the chewer. Triple Chews pack three health benefits into a snack that is perfectly shaped to hold between two paws. Triple Chews combine immune-boosting antioxidants, a satisfying teeth-cleaning chew, and a creamy filling with probiotics to promote digestive health. Improve your dog’s immunity, digestion, and oral care with one delicious treat. $24.99


Fruitables Vanilla Snowflake Flavor Treats

Give Rover something as unique as he is this holiday with the only treat made with real snowflakes! Each limited edition Fruitables Vanilla Snowflake pouch includes 300 snowflates sustainably harvested for the mountains near Crested Butte, Colorado that are combined into a delightful pumpkin granola and yogurt recipe.



Pet Chef Cook Books

These are really cool doggy cook books for the holidays. Both The Twelve Days Of Christmas and The Eight Days Of Hanukkah include grain free and gluten free recipes for your dog. Pet Chef, Lisa Hennessy takes a fun yet nutritious look at some traditional takes on pet meals for the holidays. As a bonus, she includes the calorie count on the servings so you don’t overfeed your pet some of the richer dishes. $8.00 ea. 

Other Note Worthy Treats & Food

Indigo Smokehouse Strips by PetSafe, Look Who’s Happy Canine Treats, Minties for dogs, Delightables for cats, Bravo Homestyle Complete Dinners for Dogs, Caru Natural Stews, Spring Naturals Minced Entrees and Pate Dinners for Cats.


The Loving Bowl- bowl for flat faced dogs

If you have a Pug, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog or other flat faced breed, you know that feeding time can be difficult and messy. This bowl is graduated to help the food move to the bottom without getting stuck on the dogs face. It’s veterinary approved, reduces gas and bloating and helps curtail the mess around the bowl. A must have for brachycephalic dogs!


Body- Wash-a, Wash-a!


Jorge Bendersky Pet Shampoo and Conditioner

Professional Pet Groomer to the star’s pets, Jorge Bendersky introduced a new line of dog shampoo and conditioner this year called Pet. Made with lots of great natural ingredients such as “Neroli, the most luxurious of citrus oils,  beautifully alleviates anxiety and hyperactivity as amazing properties of aloe, rosemary, and avocado richly soothe sensitive skin”. What dog doesn’t want to look dashingly dapper for the holidays?



Wahl all-Natural Dog Wipes

No time to wash the dog or just need to freshen up a bit? Wahl hit a home run with these new Pet Wipes. Just enough to give your dog some sparkle without the suds, these wipes are a year round must have for all year! From their site:      Wahl All-Natural Pet WipesFor the on-the-go pet owners, clean ups are just as easy as the swipe of a wipe. Wahl’s new and all-natural pet wipes help remove dirt and odors for cleaner paws, face and ears without any skin irritations. $6.99 Available at Target.


Keeping your pet’s mind active has become a hot topic as research indicates this is so important to a pet’s well being.


Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble

This is an interesting kinda egg shaped tricky kibble dispenser. The Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble plays to a dogs instincts to hunt for food and it prevents them from scarfing down all of their food at one time. The device randomly dispenses treats and holds an entire meal. It’s dishwasher safe too.

Suggested Retail: $13.99 for small and $19.99 for medium/large.



This is a toy designed by TGIF Design Group with the intent of helping dogs with separation anxiety. This is a battery operated, self-reloading puzzle feeder for dogs and it’s easy to fill and clean. You set the intervals that the food dispenses, but your dog has to nudge it to get the snacks. Definitely interesting for dogs that are home by themselves for a while. $39.99


Frolic Cat Dart

The Frolic Cat Dart is a super fun toy for all of the kitties and for pups that like to chase and pounce. The laser light keeps your pets jumping and running as the random patterns emanate from the toy placed on the floor. There are several settings that you can choose from. Pet Safe is a great company that manufactures several of the products featured on our guide. We find that they consistently produce high quality products and good value for the consumer. $37.95


Nina Ottoson DogSpinny Game

Nina Ottonson hits it out of the park again. Her toys, which we never think our dogs will actually be able to play with, continually amaze us. Our girls engage with and enjoy Nina’s toys that stimulate your dogs mind and body! If you don’t have one of these games in your dog’s toy chest, you definitely need to add it. Nina Ottonson games are widely available at big box stores, on line or pet boutiques. $15.23 To read more about the game:


Pogo Plush Toys

They are soft plush toys without the stuffing. It’s genius! No more sewing up the toy or throwing it out. This is a plush animal toy with squeaker. No stuffing, no mess! Inner bouncy frame has satisfying give. Free-floating squeaker with a sleek furry covering. Comes in a small and large. $17.99 and up.

Mind-Training Aids


Train and Praise

All we can say is…wish this was around when we were potty training our dogs! The Pet Safe website says it best-

“The Train ‘n Praise™ Potty Training System pairs an absorbent pee pad with a treat dispenser for easy house training and obedience training. This consistent, convenient potty training tool uses treats to encourage good behavior and allows training to continue while you’re away. As your dog pees on the replaceable pee pad, the moisture alerts an internal sensor in the pad, which wirelessly sends a signal to the treat dispenser. The treat dispenser then releases treats or kibble, rewarding your puppy for using the pee pad instead of your floor. Urine is trapped in the leak-proof bottom layer of the pee pad, leaving your floor clean and dry. Young puppies often learn quickly, and even non-housebroken adult dogs or senior dogs who have lost bladder control can easily learn where it’s okay to use the bathroom. Once your pup is fully house trained, use the treat dispenser and remote to teach new commands or better behavior. Teach your dog not to jump or bark at visitors or teach him fun tricks like Sit, Shake, Roll Over, and High Five.” $134.99 .


Scat Mat

This product may not be for everyone, but for those pet owners with boundry problems, this could certainly help. When you are having trouble training your pet, seeking help from trainers and products is certainly preferred to surrendering an animal due to undesired behaviors or lack of training. From the website:

“Help your dog or cat learn good house manners. The ScatMat automatic indoor pet training mat keeps pets off furniture and counters and away from off-limit areas and rooms. This large mat is perfect for blocking doorways, covering large furniture, or protecting nearly any area you want your pet to avoid. Simply place the ScatMat in any area you want your pet to avoid and switch it on. When your pet touches the mat, he’ll feel a mild, harmless 3-second static pulse from the mat. Pets soon learn which areas to keep away from. The mat’s handy indicator light even tells you how many times your pet has touched the mat. When you turn on the mat, the light blinks once for each time your pet tried to cross the mat. With 3 intensity levels for stubborn or timid pets, ScatMat is perfect for any sized cat or dog.” $69.95


Calm Coat

These come in a variety of sizes for both cats and dogs.

From their site: The kindest way to ease your dog’s fear. Similar to swaddling a newborn baby, gently wrapping a dog in a Calming Coat™ has a peaceful effect that is beneficial for both you and your dog. Our patent pending design gently hugs your dog, much like hugging a child. Calming Coat™ provides relief from common behaviors such as: Hyperactivity, Nervousness, Severe Shaking, Travel Anxiety, Noise Anxiety, Thunderstorm Anxiety, Vacuum Noise, Fear of Crates, Excessive Barking, Separation Anxiety. $29.99

Pet lovers, that wraps it up for the 2014 gift guide.  There items will be discussed on our radio show, Dec. 4 at 6:00 PM ET.  Tune into to listen in!

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