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The King and Queen of the pet related entertainment scene delve into the depths of the metaphysical with special guest Sue Pike.  Sue gives us much insight as to how to communicate with our pets and what happens after they cross the rainbow bridge.

Sue Pike, Animal Communicator

Sue Pike, Animal Communicator

Plus, Theresa Fitzgerald from St. Francis Animal Rescue joins us to talk about their fabulous cat rescue. Meowtastic!


This letter touched us-saving Precious

This letter touched us.

We had to share the story about Precious and importance of estate planning for your pet’s sake.  Thinking about care for your pets should you predecease them is really important.  Make sure your friends and family know what your wishes are.  We will be talking about estate planning with pets in mind in an upcoming show.

There is a little cat in Greenville, SC that needs a home if you are in the market and in the area.

And now the letter:



First of all, I want to send you a “Thank You” and deep Purrs from Miss Zoe Luna.  Knowing that you care so deeply about animals and what you have done in the past to help my animal friends means the world to me. So, I’m hoping that I can ask for your help once more.  Precious is a gorgeous kitty whose human mum died recently.  She is very sad. The worst part is that she came close to having a family again, only to have to go back to the cage at the shelter.  I’m hoping that with your reach, you can find some wonderful person in or around Greenville SC to give Precious a loving home.  Here’s a link to a site that explains her story:

Thank you so much in advance for giving Precious a second chance after losing her wonderful home.  This also may be a great opportunity to discuss plans for pets in case you should die or become unable to care for them anymore. I’m going to put my plans for Miss Zoe Luna in writing AND let all of my family know.  If these things can be planned, then we won’t have a horrible thing like this happening.

Thank you from myself, Miss Zoe Luna and (I’m sure) Precious,

Nadine Steidl


Cat Pawrent’s Tenacity Led to Happy Reunion

“Never Give Up”…what a great mantra.  Jennifer Meeker, a mom in Washington state lives  by that creedo.  Her tenacity led to a happy reunion with her cat, Diego.  It’s so great to hear news like this.
What a great story from the Peninsula Daily News:
Jennifer Meeker giving Diego a smooch!
Photo: Jeff Chew/Pininsula Daily News
PARADISE BAY — For those who have missing pets, Paradise Bay resident Jennifer Meeker has three simple words of advice: Never give up.
She and her family are celebrating a reunion with their pet cat, Diego, a 2 ½-year-old tabby mix who disappeared Feb. 17 and returned out of nowhere earlier this month after his owner carpeted the area with posters and searched assiduously for him for three months.

Diego came back to their West Alder Street driveway gate with a small scar on his head. He was thinner than he had been.

“I picked him up and knew it was Diego,” Meeker said. “I was just in shock. I couldn’t believe he made it home.

“He conquered so much to get home.”

His journey home was more than 4 miles from Helm Street north of Port Ludlow Bay, south to the Meekers home about 3 miles north of Hood Canal Bridge, off Paradise Bay Road.

Diego was sleeping under wood in the back of Meeker’s husband’s pickup truck on that February day when he drove to a Helm Street job site, unaware that the cat was hiding in the truck bed.

When Ray Meeker started unloading the truck, a frightened Diego bolted from the vehicle and quickly vanished like only a silent-moving feline can do.

That’s when Jennifer Meeker, who rescues pet bunnies and other animals, launched headlong into a campaign to find Diego, knocking on doors from Port Ludlow southward and putting up 150 posters with Diego’s picture on them everywhere she could.

While she feared the worst — coyote attacks and other dangerous encounters — Meeker said she spent six hours going house to house in Port Ludlow neighborhood where Diego was lost.

“I talked to everyone,” she said.

She went to the Jefferson County Animal Shelter in Port Townsend and even as far south as Silverdale to put up posters where Port Ludlow residents and others often shop.

She also posted a notice on the website Craigslist.

“Every single day for three solid weeks I spent combing the streets,” she said, enlisting the help of her daughter Haylee, 4, and son, Taylor, 6.

She talked to people in Chimacum.

“I am very passionate about animals,” she said. “To give up on a pet to me is like giving up on a child.”

Her relentless search continued to the point that people would recognize her and ask about the search for Diego.

She was phoned periodically from people in the area, including people at Port Ludlow Golf Course, who thought they spotted the wayward cat.

“Once I got a call from someone who found a stray cat that looked just like Diego,” she said, adding she used a cat trap to catch the cat, but found out it was a female.

She ended up adopting the cat, Dora, who is now living with Diego and the Meekers’ two other felines.

Meeker celebrated the week by putting up balloons and signs proclaiming, “Diego is Home,” to announce the good news.

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