Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 170, with Robbin and Joseph Everett

Photographer Mary Hone joins us to talk about animal photography and wild horse rescue. Plus we have so much mayhem and fun.  Play TRUE or POO with the Crew!

So much animal related entertainment.

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 168 with Robbin and Joseph Everett


Robbin and Joseph Everett, the Queen and King of all pet related media bring you another fun and exciting episode featuring the specialized German Shepard Rescue of Southwest Florida – Erik and Diane Hoffer share interesting stories and information about their rescue group.

Plus of course, we have pet news and information from around the world!

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 167 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

Be The Puppy!

Be The Puppy!

Robbin and Joseph Everett, the most popular pet podcasters and radio personalities on the pet loving planet bring you a fun filled episode for the holidays!

Its the most wonderful time of the year! Gift suggestions for all of your pet loving friends are featured in this episode.

Plus our usual fun and mayhem is always on tap!

Thanks for your continued support.

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Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 166 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

The King and Queen of the pet related entertainment scene delve into the depths of the metaphysical with special guest Sue Pike.  Sue gives us much insight as to how to communicate with our pets and what happens after they cross the rainbow bridge.

Sue Pike, Animal Communicator

Sue Pike, Animal Communicator

Plus, Theresa Fitzgerald from St. Francis Animal Rescue joins us to talk about their fabulous cat rescue. Meowtastic!


Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 163 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

Raw feeding your dog.

The #1 rated pet podcast and #1 rated pet radio show is rocking the air waves…or computer waves. Your favorite King and Queen of all pet related media bring you a powerful show today.

We have a really interesting episode featuring activist,Tami Cho Zussman,discussing the Korean dog meat trade…it’s not easy to hear the statistics.  The point is to be informed and help-it’s real and its horrifying.

Plus we have Amman Ahmed discussing his hit You Tube Channels, Relax My Dog and Relax My Cat.

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Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 162 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

Michael Hingson

Michael Hingson

The #1 pet radio show and #1 pet podcast featuring the King and Queen of all pet radio, Robbin and Joseph Everett, bring you a interesting and emotional show.

Today on our show, New York Times Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker, Michael Hingson discusses his epic escape from the Twin Towers on 9/11 with his guide dog, Roselle.  He also discussing his books, “Running with Roselle” and “Thunder Dog”.

Nancy Hassel

Nancy Hassel

Also, Nancy Hassel, President and Founder of American Pet Professionals discusses how to identify pet products made in America.

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Everett & Everett present, popular Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, 109 Monmouth County Dog Walk and Pet Fair 2013 and Buzz Miller, PACT

Robbin Everett and Joseph Everett bring you another fun and educational episode of the most popular pet radio show about cats and dogs and…slow loris’ on the planet.

Buzz Miller

Buzz Miller

This week, we are so excited to welcome back one of our favorite guests.  Buzz Miller from PACT for animals joins us to fill us in on the latest.  We are BIG fans of Buzzy!  Why?  Well read the info below about Buzz and PACT from their website:

PACT’s focus is on expanding human-companion animal bond activities by:

  1. Supporting deployed military personnel by providing foster care for their pets
  2. Supporting hospital patients by providing foster homes for their pets
  3. Educating children about companion animal issues
  4. Inspiring and informing humans about local and national companion animal issues
  5. Providing additional supplies for shelters through donations and collections
  6. Finding permanent homes through animal adoption and foster programs

About the Founder

Melvin (Buzz) Miller, founder and president of PACT, was a successful practicing attorney for 35 years. As President of Melvin B. Miller, Ltd., he specialized in business transactions involving real estate, tax, corporate, securities and partnership law. Miller has maintained an AV rating in both business law and real estate law with Martindale Hubbell for 25 years. He has represented a variety of clients including major developers and builders, real estate organizations, investment groups and a chain of nursing homes. Further, along with partners, Miller developed over $100 million in real estate transactions and holdings and founded numerous business concepts.

In 2003, Miller walked away from his successful law practice in order to commit himself fully to helping companion animals and their owners. He spent several years providing pro bono services to many animal welfare organizations in the Delaware Valley. He has lectured at The University of Pennsylvania on animal law matters, assisted on legal matters to numerous animal organizations and helped in many fundraising activities. Miller has assisted numerous veterinarians and animal organizations in the Delaware Valley in rescuing, counseling and adopting animals.

In 2007, Miller opened Buzzy’s Bow Wow Meow (BBWM) in Narberth, Pennsylvania which is a unique pet retail supermarket and companion animal education center. BBWM’s experienced employees are well-educated about the merchandise they enthusiastically sell and are equally as focused when it comes to the rescue and adoption of companion animals.

In 2010, Miller decided that a separate and distinct non-profit organization needed to be formed that would operate within strategic goals to help animals in need while involving the community. The answer was PACT.

Plus we will get an update on the Monmouth County Dog Walk and Pet Fair.

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Pet Blogger Support Saturday

Ahhhh...relaxation (photo)

Ahhhh...relaxation (photo)

Hello pet loving peeps.  We will give you a double feature of pet bloggy fun next week.  We are taking the doggies to the vet this weekend for check-ups and we need a little rest and relaxation as well.

Do enjoy the Pets Teach Us So Much Radio program from Thursday night…you can listen on demand or in iTunes. In the mean time and check out our Woofy Woo Crew.  We would love to have you join!

Woofy Woo to all of you!

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Great show scheduled for Thursday night on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio

Thursday night is the best night of the week for pet lovers. Why? Because it’s Pets Teach Us So Much Radio night with your hosts Robbin and Joseph Everett! Woot, woot!

We have an interesting and informative show this evening with two fabulous guests.

Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss

Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss

Author, Sid Korpi will talk about her book Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss

Missy Johnson will discuss her Dogs for the PAWS project

Plus Celebrity Pet Gossip, Animal Health update, hilarity and mayhem!

Go to Blog Talk Radio via this link to jump into the chat room!  It’s a great place to ask questions and hang out during the show!

Woofy Woo!  See you there!

About Sid Korpi and her book, Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss The pain of losing a beloved animal companion is unlike any other. However, because our society on the whole discounts our grief as frivolous since we’ve “merely lost an animal,” too many of us feel we must keep silent in our anguish or be labeled somehow defective. Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss ends the misperception that we must suffer in solitary confinement and thus prolong, or stay permanently stuck in, our grief.

The book melds the author’s personal perspectives and astounding stories with those of professionals (such as veterinarians, animal communicators, and religious leaders) and other animal lovers the world over to help you make your pet-grieving process as positive as possible.

Reading this book will teach you:

• How to emotionally prepare for a pet’s euthanasia—understanding when it’s time;

• How to take care of yourself while around people who just don’t understand your pain;

• How to view death not as an ending, but (as animals see it) a natural transformation;

• How to memorialize and celebrate your pet’s life; and

• How to move on after your loss and love again.

About the Author Sid Korpi has combined her decades of varied professional experience—as an editor, writer, journalist, English teacher, actor, and ordained minister/animal chaplain—with her lifelong devotion to the animal companions who have blessed and shared her life in creating Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss. Surviving a “tsunami of loss” in her own life led to her discovery of spiritual truths that brought her strength and facilitated her heart’s healing. She felt compelled to share these things with others who suffer—often in isolation—from the passing on of their very dearest nonhuman friends, their pets.

She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband Anthony Kaczor and their eight animal friends/family members: Ambrose, Blanche, Oliver and Keely (Westies); Giles and Xander (cats); and Atticus and Scout (finches).  For more information about Sid, her links and to visit her blog, go to:

Missy Johnson (photo)

Missy Johnson (photo)

Missy Johnson & Dogs for the Paws Born in Florida,  grew up in Ohio, Annamarie “Missy” Johnson always knew she wanted to be an artist. Upon graduation from college, Missy moved to one of her favorite places , Charleston, South Carolina.  She has enjoyed a very productive and creative career as a graphic designer in the screen printing/advertising promotionals field. In her spare time she enjoys painting and working on commission projects.

Missy enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her husband, Jim and their 5 dogs (4 of which are rescues). They are also active rescue volunteers, donating their time fostering and doing home visits. Missy works with rescues across the country designing artwork that they use in their events and fundraising. She is proud to say that her artwork has helped raise thousands of dollars for homeless pets across the country.

About Dogs for the PAWS

“I started Dogs for the PAWS  hoping to challenge myself to get back to painting.  Working with rescues across the country, donating artwork, I thought it might be a unique way to feature some great dogs who came from shelters or rescues.  Since October and November are National shelter and adoption months, I thought this was a good time to start the project .When I sent out the press release back in September 2009,  I had 37 dogs submitted in the first week. As the weeks went on I continued to receive submissions and these stories of courageous, aged, some abused, dogs that survived such terrible events at the hands of humans or sad circumstances…but ended up being adopted into loving families. As I posted the dogs’ stories, people were sharing the link with others, and so on…This sort of “network”  has evolved with all these people and their dedication to homeless pets. I paint the dogs’ portraits then share the stories, which are written by the families, on Facebook, Twitter, and the Dog’s group blog,… I never knew when the project started, that it would reach out to others and get them to share their inspiring dogs’ stories.  Some of these dogs are “celebrities” in their areas of the country, while others are just much loved by their families who are also rescue/shelter volunteers. People have used the paintings and blog to showcase how wonderful adopted pets are.”  If you would like to join Dogs for the PAWS and help share our  message of hope and inspiration on Facebook: We are also on Twitter:



Tonight’s Fabulous Line Up on the Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show with Guest Darlene Arden

Hello Everyone!  We are looking forward to having you join us tonight for a fabulous show.  Don’t forget, you can always, access our show on demand or download through iTunes.

Tonight on our show:

Darlene Arden

Our very special guest is author, Darlene Arden (@petexpert).  We will be discussing her book, Rover, Get Off Her Leg.  A great book for all of the bad, bad doggie behaviors we don’t want to confess to, but we need help solving.


  • Good people doing good things…see Cleo’s Day Blog.  She picked up on our request to talk about and help Michael Ayalon from
  • Lifestyle: Find 10 Pet Friendly Cities,
  • Celebrity Pet Gossip: Martha Stewart, party animal?
  • Odd Animal News: Late breaking Update! The truth about Heidi the cross eyed opossum,
  • Pet Health: Scootie Butt! Butt dragging behavior.  What causes it and What can you do?
  • Rat-a-touille: Ratty redo of ratacular news
  • Pet Blogger Support: Pet Blog review and preview
  • Product review and giveaway

The infamous RAT video:

Listen to our show on Thursday at 6:30 PM EST. HERE

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