Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 169 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

Director Justin  Zimmerman joins us to talk about his new animal rescue documentary, SMART.

In the city of Los Angeles, the members of SMART (Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team) have stepped up to save lives.  This division of trained and passionate animal lovers risks life and limb to rescue all kinds of creatures in need.

Great interview with Justin, plus our usual, unusual mayhem and fun.

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show, 73, Live Your Best Life, Wag and Purr More

Pet Lovers, energize your day with a helping of Robbin and Joe!  This most popular, highly recommended radio to podcast show brings you the best pet related new media entertainment on the planet!

Robbin and Joseph Everett bring you laughter and fun with their  Love Genies segment, “Live your best life, wag and purr more and watch your dreams come true.”


Live better! Listen to this episode.

Live better! Listen to this episode.

Plus Celebrity Pet Gossip and pet news and information from all around the world!

Join us for a wonderful episode, Thursday, December 16 at 6:30 PM EST. Jump into the chat room at

Popular Pets Teach Us So Much Radio and Podcast recommended by Blog Talk Radio

Blog Talk Radio recently recommended our radio to podcast show, Pets Teach Us So Much as a staff pick along with such stars as Tony Bennett and Sponge Bob Square Pants. Woot and Woofy Woo! Thanks Blog Talk Radio!

Joseph and Robbin Everett, hosts of Pets Teach Us So Much Radio and Podcast

Joseph and Robbin Everett, hosts of Pets Teach Us So Much Radio and Podcast


Pets Teach Us So Much is a popular radio show, podcast and blog listened to and read by millions of people all over the world.  Hosts Robbin and Joseph Everett have recently been crowned “The Love Genies” as they offer advice on interpersonal relationships for people with pets during segments on the show.  Pet lovers dig the humor and raw grit of the hosts as they bring people pet related news and information from around the globe.

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio #19 Frankie the Wiener Dog and BlogPaws

One day, a long, long time ago, a little boy named Joey wanted a pet hamster.  He begged and begged his dad for a hamster for days, weeks and months.

His father, didn’t have the money to buy little Joey a hamster.  Joey’s daddy, wanting to make his little boy happy, went out to the dumpster and picked up a rat.  He cleaned the rat up and told him, “Hood Rat, it’s your lucky day!”

The rest, they say, is history.

Hold on…make sure you have everything you need before the show

Everett and Everett present Pets Teach Us So Much Radio,  Preparedness Check list

Insert check next to item when secured

□Seat belts

□Pets (Of course our show is pet friendly!)

□Beverage of choice

□Snack of Choice

□Paper towel in case of spontaneous snorting and nasal cavity fluid expulsion  during fits of laughter.

Frankie and Barbara Techel

Frankie and Barbara Techel

We have special guest Barbara Techel, Author of the Frankie the Walk and Roll Dog book series joining us! Plus a BlogPaws (Excellent!) update.

Plus! Celebrity pet gossip, current pet news and general mayhem.

Meet here on Thursday at 6:30 PM EST. Call in or jump in the chat room!  Here is the link Download after anytime through iTunes or listen on demand with the player on our site.

About Barbara Techel and Frankie:

Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog is a disabled dachshund who spreads a positive message about disabled pets and helps children see challenges in a positive way.

Barbara Techel is proud Mom to Frankie and the award-winning author of  Frankie the Walk ‘N Roll Dog book series. Frankie suffers from a common disease in dachshunds called, Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).



Since 2008 Frankie and Barbara have brought positive awareness to IVDD, as well as saved dachshunds diagnosed with this disease, through their website, books, and blogs.  They have also helped thousands of children of all ages see that challenges are stepping stones to greater opportunities.  They often visit local schools, libraries and organizations and also visit classrooms around the US and Canada via Skype.  Frankie is also active as a certified therapy dog and makes monthly visits to a local hospital, senior assisted facility and a hospice community.

Frankie was named Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame Companion Dog in 2009 for all her dedication and hard work at promoting her positive messages.  She has appeared in Woman’s World, The American Dog, Dog Living Magazine, as well as in Every Dog Has a Gift (Tarcher/Penguin Publising) and Oprah’s O Magazine book recommendation, Dogs and the Women Who Love Them (New World Library).

A percentage of all sales from their books and products is donated to charities that care for and help animals with disabilities.

You can learn more about Barbara and Frankie here:







And friend up Frankie in the Woofy Woo Crew Community ( ) of Pet Lovers!



Naughty pet? Do you need pet training advice? Join us Thursday night on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio #18

I'm so glad they are gone

I'm so glad they are gone

If you are entering the Naughty Pet Contest we posted info about this week, you better tune in on Thursday night!

Whoo Hoo! Thursday night is fun time for you and your pet!  Tune in to the bestest darn radio show out there for pet lovers.  We will warn you, IT’S NOT YOUR MAMA’S PET SHOW!  So buckle up and have some fun with the Woofy Woo Crew!

Listen live at 6:30 PM EST , join in the chat room, call in with questions or download later through iTunes.

Ohhhh Doggies…and Kitties!  Do you need some help with a naughty pet?  Tune in Thursday night and hear frequent guest, Author, Darlene Arden aka @petexpert.  You can call in with questions or join in the chat room to ask questions.

About Darlene:

Darlene Arden, an award-winning writer, lecturer, and author of “The Irrepressible Toy Dog,” (Howell Book House”) and “The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs (Contemporary Books), is an internationally recognized authority on Toy dogs and their care, and a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant.

Darlene has written hundreds of articles and columns for all of the major dog and cat publications, as well as newspapers and general interest publications.

A former member of Dog Writers’ Association of America, Inc., and former director of the Cat Writers’ Association and a member of Boston Authors, Darlene is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Maxwell Award, the Muse Medallion, and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals/American Humane Education Society’s Media Award for veterinary writing and animal welfare.

Darlene’s latest book:




Darlene Arden

Plus! BlogPaws Update with Yvonne DiVita, Celebrity Pet Gossip, Weird Animal News, Mayhem and LAUGHS! launches radio show for Pet Lovers


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE launches radio show for Pet Lovers launches globally syndicated radio show, “Pets Teach Us So Much”, with stars Robbin and Joseph Everett

Joseph Everett and Robbin Everett of will host the globally syndicated, "Pets Teach Us So Much" Radio Show

Joseph Everett and Robbin Everett of will host the globally syndicated, "Pets Teach Us So Much" Radio Show

OCEAN GROVE, NJ (December 31, 2010) is launching a globally syndicated radio show just for pet lovers. The show, “Pets Teach Us So Much” will star Web TV hosts and bloggers Robbin and Joseph Everett.  The program will feature animal loving celebrities, training specialists, veterinarians, rescue groups, product reviews, blogs and books of interest to pet owners.

Joseph Everett stated, “Listeners will need to hold on to their hats because this show will be a wild ride.  Our gritty, street-smart style will keep people laughing and engaged. It will be great to be able to take questions from our audience and have listeners participate in our show.”  Wife and co-host Robbin Everett added, “Even our dogs will have a segment on the show.  What!? Why are you looking at me like I have 3 heads?  Of course they talk.”

The premiere show will air January 2, 2011 at 11:00 AM EST and is accessible globally, on demand or live, through the Website, (, BlogTalkRadio and downloadable through iTunes. is the #1 Pet Web TV Show in the world viewed in over 30 countries via the website,  The show features a variety of interesting topics for pet lovers and has been renewed for a third season.  Stars and Hosts Robbin and Joseph Everett are a married couple, owned by two ten pound dogs. For more information visit the website ( or Pets Teach Us So Much Blog ( .

To schedule and interview with Robbin and Joseph Everett, send an email inquiry to