Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 173, with Robbin and Joseph Everett

Dr. Patrick Mahaney, Veterinarian extradinaire to the stars, joins us to talk about pet dangers in your home especially when people come to visit.

Robbin and Joseph Everett always keep you laughing and learning with the fun competition game, “True or Poo”.  Tune in and check out the show.

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 135 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

Animal radio shows are so much fun! You are tuning into the top rated, Pets Teach Us So Much radio show with Robbin and Joseph Everett!

Zeeva and her mom Michele are Freestyle Champs!

Zeeva and her mom Michele are Freestyle Champs!

We’ve all seen those cool videos of people dancing Freestyle with their dogs.  Talented, award winning dog trainer, Michele Franklin, joins us this week to talk  about Freestyle dancing with her dog Zeeva.  Check out this video of Zeeva doing some tricks and dancing with Michele!

Very cool! She is going to give us tips for training our pets plus explain what Freestyle dancing actually is.

Plus we will be talking about all of the articles here on our blog plus some celebrity pet gossip and current news and info!

Join us Thursday, July 10 at 6:00 PM EST on to listen live or catch us on the download!

Popular Pet Radio Show, Pets Teach Us So Much 131 with Robbin and Joseph Everett



The most popular pet podcast on the planet, #1 rated Pets Teach Us So Much with Robbin and Joseph Everett is ready to rock the house with a fabulous show planned for May 22.

Val Silver and her dog, Teddy

Val Silver and her dog, Teddy

Author Val Silver joins us to discuss her fabulous Book,Rescue Me: Tales of Rescuing the Dogs Who Became Our Teachers, Healers, and Always Faithful Friends

Rescue Me, by Val Silver

Rescue Me, by Val Silver

Plus, we have our usual mayhem and news from around the world! Join us May 22 at 6:00 PM EST live on or download anytime thought iTunes or Stitcher.

About Our Guest:

Val Silver lives in northern New York with her husband and Bichon/Shi Tzu mix, Teddy. She is a lifelong animal lover and advocate with a heart for animals and humans in need of compassion and healing. She wrote her first book, Rescue Me: Tales of Rescuing the Dogs Who Became Our Teachers, Healers, and Always Faithful Friends , as a fundraiser for homeless dogs, to raise awareness of their plight and needs, and to show what wonderful companions these dogs make when given a chance. Val is a reading teacher, healer, and holistic wellness educator. She believes that it takes education, positive action, and compassion to create better lives for all creatures-animal and human. Val shares her knowledge and insights on her websites and facebook pages, in on-line groups, in her monthly Bellesprit magazine column, and in the media.


Popular Pet Radio Show, Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 117, with Robbin and Joseph Everett

Dr. Janice Elenbaas and Molly

Dr. Janice Elenbaas and Molly

Popular pet radio show and podcast, Pets Teach Us So Much, gears up to air our last show of the year!  Hard to believe!

Dr. Janice Elenbaas from Lucky Dog Cuisine joins us to talk about Dog Nutrition.  We can’t wait to find out the scoop about all of the wonderful things going on with Lucky Dog Cuisine, a new sponsor of Pets Teach Us So Much Radio and Blog!

Richie Schwartz, Professional Pet Photographer

Richie Schwartz, Professional Pet Photographer


Plus, Richie Schwartz gives us tips on photographing our pets this holiday season.

We have lots to talk about…plus we have our usual mayhem and fun.

Join us live, December 12 at 6:00 PM EST on BlogTalkRadio or download here, on Stitcher or iTunes.


 Dr. Janice Elenbass

Dr. Janice Elenbaas was a very successful Doctor of Chiropractic in Toronto Canada for 20 years. In a rather unique twist, she became the first woman in Canada to complete a certification course to adjust animals and sat on the initial Ontario Veterinarian Chiropractic Association (OVCA) board. For more than 15 years, she combined a busy human practice with a thriving animal practice, while at the same time helping to educate both Vets and Chiropractors in the field of Animal Chiropractic. During that same time, Dr. Elenbaas founded Canadian Equine Sports Therapy, Inc., Canada’s first and ultimately finest rehabilitation center for horses. Combine this with four years of nutritional training, and Dr. Elenbaas has a unique perspective on animals.

Having always been a proponent of natural healthy foods for her own family including her dogs she has a passion for health manifesting itself from the “inside out”. Shortly after moving to South Carolina and seeing the number of dogs suffering from allergies, hot spots and more she started researching alternatives to traditional commercial dog foods. Facing a dearth of healthy options coupled with the timing of the horrific “melamine recalls” of the time, Dr

Elenbaas decided to share her own formulas with the retail consumer. Extensive testing by both independent labs and the South Carolina Dept of Ag showed that the long term health benefits Dr Elenbaas’ own dogs had enjoyed was no accident. Lucky Dog Cuisine was born and has been thriving ever since. With an emphasis on “whole foods”, client education and unparalleled service, dogs throughout the Continental US now enjoy access to Lucky Dog Cuisine delivered right to their door.

Dr. Elenbaas currently lives in Beaufort, SC, with her husband, Jeff, and her two dogs, Murphy and Molly. She is also the mother of two adult children, loves riding horses, and enjoys her involvement with various animal rescue groups.

Pets Photography Studio – Richie Schwartz

Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz has 33 years of experience as a professional photographer and specializes in Pet Photography. Having photographed 75,000 pets over the years, across 30 states, this former Vet Technician, Dog Trainer and Groomer is often referred to as “America’s Most Experienced Pet Photographer”.

Richie is internationally recognized as a leader in the highly specialized field of Pet Photography. He has been featured in books, magazines, videos, blogs, pod casts, newspapers, radio and television. He was instrumental in developing pet photography programs for several of the largest pet retailers in the country including Petco and PetSmart.

Richie was named in NBC Universal’s “Top 25 Pet People of 2010” along with Oprah Winfrey, EllenDeGeneres and Betty White for their charity work with animal rescue organizations.  In January 2013, Schwartz was voted “Best Pet Photographer” by the readers of the Long Island Press, Long Island’s largest weekly newspaper, in their annual “Best of Long Island” contest.

He is a speaker and educator at photography clubs, schools, pet expos and other events, where he offers pet photography seminars and workshops. In addition he regularly volunteers his time and services to raise funds and awareness for local animal rescue groups.


Contact: web site: / phone: 516-263-4821 / email:

Find him on the web:
Twitter / YouTube / Facebook / LinkedIn / Pinterest / Blogspot / Google Plus



Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, 114 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

Awesomeness abounds on November 14 as Dr. Patrick Mahaney joins us to talk about keeping Fido safe through the holidays.


Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Plus, save some awesome sauce for your pupcakes, because we will be spanning the globe for all of the latest pet news and information from all over the world, (echo, echo, echo).

Our show airs live on Thursday, November 7 at 6:00 PM EST on  or download us anytime here, on iTunes or Stitcher.

About Patrick Mahaney VMD, CVA, CVJ 

Dr. Patrick Mahaney is a veterinarian and certified veterinary acupuncturist providing services to Los Angeles-based clients both on a house call and in-clinic basis.  Dr. Mahaney’s unique approach integrating eastern and western medical perspectives has evolved into a concierge house call practice, California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness (CPAW), Inc.  Additionally, Dr. Mahaney offers holistic treatment for canine and feline cancer patients at the Veterinary Cancer Group (Culver City, CA).

As a veterinarian providing on-the-go-care for his patients, Dr. Mahaney’s has partnered with Blue Star Jets and New York/Hamptons celebrity veterinarian, Dr. Cindy Bressler, as the west coast director of JetSetVets, the first private jet service capable of providing in-flight medical treatment for pets.

Dr. Mahaney is affiliated with Amazon CARES, which provides pro-bono veterinary services in Iquitos, Peru and remote villages on the Amazon River.  He traveled to Peru in 2011 and was inspired to create a television “dream project” involving veterinary volunteerism and public health education through partnerships with rescue organizations on a worldwide basis.

As a certified veterinary journalist, Dr. Mahaney’s shares his perspective on veterinary medicine and pet health in Patrick’s Blog, PetMD’s The Daily Vet, Pet360’s Pet-Lebrity News, AOL’s Paw Nation, Veterinary Practice NewsAnimal Wellness, Life + Dog, PetSafe, Victor Stilwell’s, and Perez Hilton’s

Besides creating written content, Dr. Mahaney contributes to radio and television projects:

Radio- It’s a Dog’s Life with Greg Kleva on Martha Stewart Radio Sirius XM 110, Tracie Hotchner’s DOG TALK® the Radio Show on WOR New Talk Radio 710, The My Buddy Butch Show on, and Pet World Insider

Television- Study Finds Pet Obesity Increasing on MSNBC, My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet, Natural Companions on Veria Network, and Career Day from Entertainment Studios

His involvement in the media has greatly enhanced the growth of his veterinary practice, so Dr. Mahaney accepted a position on the board of BlogPaws to further promote the message of holistic animal health in various media formats.  He also participates in public speaking engagements through BlogPaws, Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine, and UCLA Extension.

As a well recognized voice of veterinary medicine, Dr. Mahaney is a member of many professional advocacy groups, including the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS), and Lesbian Gay Veterinary Medical Association (LGVMA).



Catch Robbin and Joe on Animal Awareness-Now, tonight, Wednesday June 26 at 6 PM EST.


Joseph and Robbin Everett

Joseph and Robbin Everett


We will be guests on Animal Awareness-Now! June 26 at 6 PM EST.  You can listen via the internet, at :

We will be covering lots of interesting topics with super host Buzzy! So check it out if you are around!  We would love to see you there…errr, hear you there.  Hear you here, have you listen there.  You know what we mean!


Robbin and Joe

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show 47, Author, Charmaine Hammond

Hello Everyone!

We have a fab show planned for Thursday, Mach 29, 2012-6:30-7:30 PM EST to be exact!


Charmaine Hammond

Charmaine Hammond

We have Charmaine Hammond, author of On Toby’s Terms and Toby and His Hospital Friends here to talk about her books plus Toby the dogs super powers and how they have helped people.  This book is in the process of being turned into a major motion picture, so get the scoop here first!

On Toby's Terms

On Toby's Terms

To find out more about Charmaine and her books go to

Here is a very touching video about Toby


Plus we have tons of important pet news and information with a ton of fun and laughter!

This show will rock the house!  If you would like to join into the chat room to participate in the broadcast, go to    at 6:30 PM EST Thursday, March 29.  You can download us anytime through iTunes or listen via our site.

ON ANOTHER NOTE-MATURE SUBJECT MATTER ALERT: Don’t forget about The Blog Snobs Show!  Do you want the truth?  Can you handle the truth?  Listen to Robbin and Joseph Everett on The Blog Snobs for a take no prisoners, “YIKES” filled look at the world issues that affect our daily lives.  Warning: This isn’t your mama’s news broadcast.  Download through iTunes: TheBlogSnobs and check out our website,

Everett & Everett present Pets Teach Us So Much Radio #32

Faith the dog checks out a guinea pig

Faith the dog checks out a guinea pig

Hello Friends,

We have another bark-tacular show planned for you Thursday night:

Scheduled to appear:

Robin Olsen-With a Covered in Cat Hair Blog update (

Yvonne DiVita-BlogPaws scoop! (

Rescheduled from last week-Jude Stringfellow-Faith the two legged dog’s Mommie-peep (


It should be very interested and exciting!  Of course we always love to hear from you so jump into the chat room Thursday, August 11 at 6:30 PM EST ( ) or download through iTunes, listen on Stitcher  or access on our blog player.


We will be on vacation for the next two week returning to the studio on September 1.


Everett & Everett present Pets Teach Us So Much Radio #27, Dr. Cheri Smith, DVM on Pet Dentistry

Cairn Terrier Puppy

Cairn Terrier Puppy

A great show tonight! We have the usual mayhem and hilarity plus so much more.

We feature:

-Dr. Cheri Smith, DVM from the Whippany Veterinary Hospital talking about the importance of pet dentistry.

-Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue. Fantastic fundraiser with a beautiful cookbook

BlogPaws update

-Celebrity pet gossip and news

Please join us and feel free to jump into the chat room!  We love to read your comments during the show.

Thursday, 6:30 PM EST, July 7 on Blog Talk Radio.  Click here to listen live and join in the chat room. You can download through iTunes at Pets Teach Us So Much.