Swheat Scoop Review and Giveaway


Swheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter

Swheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter

I was given the opportunity to try out and review Swheat Scoop Original Formula Litter for cats, and to be honest-I’ve never been so grateful! Walking into my apartment every night and being able to smell my French Vanilla air freshener, is definitely more preferable than cat poop.

Since I’ve made the switch, when Sadie uses the bathroom now (or shall I say box), there is no foul order. With other products I’ve utilized in the past, there has always been a trace that made me quite aware of her “finished business.” Some brands tend to linger more than others so, for me, that was a huge perk! In addition, when pouring the substance into the box, I didn’t experience a smokey-like residue left behind, as I’ve had with others.

Swheat Scoop has a great texture.

Swheat Scoop has a great texture.

There is definitely more than one benefit to this product. Aside from the scent, the texture is distinct from any other type of litter I’ve used . To describe it, it’s not jagged and pebbly; instead, it almost resembles soft sand. Would you rather be walking on gravel, or sand? My point, exactly. Although I grew up with a cat, this is my first time taking care of one alone, so it was very awkward having to make so many decisions in the beginning. I was very comfortable with this product, as I’ve learned it was natural, created with wheat starches-no chemicals. Always a plus in my book!

Sadie "digs" Swheat Scoop

Sadie “digs” Swheat Scoop

I went online to see where I could pick up a bag, and noticed that the product is available at numerous retailers, both and public and private pet stores. So whether I’m working in a different county and want to make a quick stop at PetSmart or PetCo on the way, I can. Or if I have a   million things to do, I’m able to scoop it up (no pun intended) online at Petfooddirect.com.

Point is: It’s easily obtainable.

I always check Sadie’s box before and after work to make sure her “spot” is always clean, and Swheat Scoop made the task very simple, as it clumps immediately, causing no second guessing.

There really are no cons to the product. Is it a little more expensive than your basic cat litter? A few dollars extra, but I’m really starting to believe that you pay for what you get. I can pay less money for a product, but when I really can benefit from something, it’s worth it. And believe me, I’m definitely one to budget my money nowadays-I have to. Coupons are a great source too! This is one product that is worth fitting into your budget! So, the big question: Should you scoop up Swheat Scoop? Yes! Highly recommended not only by me, but by veterinarians as well! Around of a Paws for Swheat Scoop!

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  1. Kelly Ann T.

    I want to donate it to the rescue group, I’m making a basket for their fundraiser.

  2. Kelly Ann T.

    I want to make a difference in the lives of shelter pets. It would be a nice addition to the basket I’m donating.

  3. Kelly Ann T.

    To donate it to the shelter’s fundraising efforts.

  4. Kelly Ann T.

    I want to donate this prize.

  5. Kelly Ann T.

    I want to donate this to the howl-a-day fundraiser for a local rescue group.

  6. Kelly Ann T.

    The chance to make a difference in the lives of shelter pets is the reason I want to win.

  7. Kelly Ann T.

    I want to win to donate this to the shelter because it run only on donations and volunteers.

  8. Kelly Ann T.

    I would like to donate it to the shelter’s fundraising efforts.

  9. Lauren E.

    I want to try a new litter, right now we end up with clay litter everywhere

  10. Lauren E.

    Also because I think my current litter is making my cat sneeze. She has no signs of URI and vet thinks it might be litter dust.

  11. Kelly Ann T.

    I want to make a donation to the shelter.

  12. Kelly Ann T.

    I want to make it a donation.

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