Super Green Earth Day Special, Episode 16 Features, 3 green giveaways & Leslie May, Gail Van Wart, Yvonne DiVita & Molly Mednikow

We are super Woofy Wooing on Earth Day!   Keeping it green on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio!

Join us for a spectacular line up of guests including Leslie May from Raising a Green Dog, Gail Van Wart from Peaked Mt. Farm and Bite O’Blue dog treats, BlogPaws Update with Yvonne DiVita and Amazon Cares own Molly Mednikow plus the DMV’s helping her with her mission, Dr. Patrick Mahaney and Dr.V.  WOW! What a great night!
Take a look at all of the guest doggies…we think they came from the same litter!
**Plus an ultra fabulous green product spotlight and giveaway featuring TropiClean, Imperial Cat and Purr & Simple, (see below for product information and giveaway details).
Leslie May, JoJo and Gracie

Leslie May, JoJo and Gracie

From Leslie May about Raise a Green Dog blog:In November 2007, we started the Raise a Green Dog blog as a way to share even more and updated information about how we live a green life. The next year we grew the blog into a full site that shares all kinds of information and products that dog’s and dog lovers can utilize in their everyday life.

Our mission is to help other dog lovers learn how they can have a healthier, happier pup and environment by sharing information about our own green lifestyle through articles, and the products and services we find that we would welcome into our life.

Johann (who I lovingly call JoJo, (pronounced YoYo)) and I have both lived a green lifestyle all of our lives. My mother raised me in a green lifestyle, before being green was popular. After adopting Johann, at age 12 weeks, from a no-kill animal shelter in the Indianapolis area in September of 2004, I wanted to be sure that he was not only safe from the environmental dangers that he could encounter in his life, I also wanted eco-friendly, healthy and safe products for him to eat, play with, sleep in, and be and live around.

Fortunately knowing how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle gave me a ‘leg up’ in helping find information, tips and products that would keep Johann the happiest and healthiest dog he could be. I quickly discovered that information and products were not easy to find for other dog lovers, especially if they didn’t know very much about being green.


Gail Van Wart and Blae from Peaked Mountain Farm

Gail Van Wart from Peaked Mt. Farm’s Bite O’Blue Dog Treats: A delicious organic dog treat made from organic blue berries raised on their family farm.  An interesting site,, states the following:

Bite O'Blue Treats are organic and tasty

Bite O'Blue Treats are organic and our dogs love them.

In fact, if you have the heart, you can “borrow” a Bite O’ Blue® treat from your dog and  grow a Wild Blueberry plant. If you do, send a photo of your Wild Blueberry seedlings  in one of our Bite O’ Blue® containers to and we’ll send you a free box of Bite O’ Blue® to compensate your dog for the contribution.

We never intended to be dog treat makers, we thought we’d just be stewards of our farm. One thing lead to another once we started harvesting the Wild Blueberries (native to our farm) and before we knew it, we were also in the dog treat business.  It was confusing to us at first and we felt a little odd among companies who went at it with big factory vigor, but then we noticed how our little farm had actually taken part in a much needed change in the pet industry’s climate. When we made our very first Wild Blueberry dog treats in 2004, Wild Blueberries were unheard of as an ingredient for dog products, but, as dog owners and farmers, we knew differently. Soon after we started taking our little farm product and blue bone logo to pet industry trade shows, blueberries and other fruits soon become a natural ingredient choice for pet treats and foods. So, we forgot all the things the pet industry tried to teach us and returned to being farmers to do what we know best. After all, that’s why Bite O’ Blue® exists in the first place, and it’s also why we have discovered the ultimate process in making dog treats that are naturally sustainable, from Farm to Fido™.

Green Product Giveaway Highlights:

Environmentally responsible companies TropiClean, Imperial Cat and Purr & Simple, you can reduce the carbon paw print your pet leaves on the planet.

TropiClean fresh breath made easy!™

Topiclean for fresh doggie breath

Who says keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy has to be a chore? Not any more! That’s because TropiClean has created a new generation of safe, natural, eco-friendly products designed to make pet oral care exceptionally easy. Like Clean Teeth Gel, just apply a few dabs to your dog or cat’s teeth daily to remove built-up plaque and tartar within thirty days without brushing. The gel’s “touch-free” applicator tip is easy – so no toothbrush or finger is required. These innovative products are brought to you by TropiClean, the first U.S. personal grooming or pet products company to repackage their entire line of pet grooming aids in 100% biodegradable bottles. To learn more about TropiClean fresh breath made easy! products or to enter your pet in the TropiClean Best Smile Contest, visit the company’s website or contest site today.


Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes™

Lovebug cat scratcher

Lovebug cat scratcher


Now your kitty can scratch her way to the top without destroying your upholstery or the environment. Developed to satisfy a cat’s natural urge to scratch, Scratch ‘n Shapes are made from 100% post-consumer recyclable material and are 100% biodegradable. There are dozens of whimsical designs in the Scratch ‘n Shapes line, ranging from couches to love bugs to amphibians. Since they come in both standing and hanging varieties, they’re sure to fit in any home. Plus, if the simulated tree bark, or honeycomb texture, of these shapes isn’t enticing enough to make Fluffy want to dig in her claws, each scratcher comes with a bag of Certified Organic Catnip. From scratching to playing, Scratch ‘n Shapes answers all your cat’s instincts in an environmentally sensitive way.


Purr & Simple™

Purr and Simple Cat Litter

Purr and Simple Cat Litter


It may sound nutty, but even the cat litter you use can make an environmental difference. Since 1995, the creators of Purr & Simple cat litter have been on a mission to re-use, recycle and replenish. That’s why they decided to make their litter from local, sustainably grown tree-nut shells that have been harvested, cleaned and packaged for your kitty’s eco-convenience. When broken-down, the fibrous material provides twice the odor control of conventional litters. Plus, it generates half as much dust for minimal tracking and is 100% biodegradable. So cat owners will not only enjoy a cleaner, fresher smelling home, but they’ll be glad to know that Purr & Simple comes from a totally renewable resource. Which means this litter truly is designed with kitty, consumer and earth in mind. Look for 8 to 40lb varieties of the Pellet Formula and the new Kwik-Klump Formula wherever finer alternative cat litters are sold.

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