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Spring NaturalsTM – Made in the USA

A line of natural dinners and treats that nourish pets’ well-being

Mitchell, SD (June 18, 2012) – Today’s shoppers are well informed and articulate. They know what they like and what they want for their pet. And chief among pet parents’ concerns – knowing that they’re feeding their pet the best possible diet. That’s why Spring Naturals prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients from select suppliers located in the USA, Canada and Western Europe (vitamin/mineral mixes) and New Zealand (lamb). Each Spring Naturals product is made in the USA without any ingredients from China to give pet parents complete confidence.

Though the Spring Naturals commitment to providing wholesome, high-quality products is certainly refreshing, it isn’t new. Spring Naturals, which debuted on store shelves in early 2012, is brought to you by Performance Pet Products, a subsidiary of American Foods Group. This family-owned firm is the fifth largest beef processing company in the US, and has helped nourish millions of people and companion animals since 1946.

Rob Cadenhead, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Spring Naturals, states, “When American Foods Group committed to providing products for the whole family, we knew that included pets, too.” He continues, “Providing the best possible product for pets not only nourishes the health and well being of the animal, it nourishes the relationship between pet and parent.”

The nation’s leading pet nutritionists have developed each of Spring Naturals’ recipes, and only real meat, poultry or fish is used as the #1 ingredient. Unlike other pet foods on the market, Spring Naturals does not contain meat, poultry or fish meals of any kind. Meaning, each Spring Naturals recipe is formulated without high-glycemic ingredients like corn, wheat, soy, potato starch or rice, for a more pure recipe.

Next they add a balanced blend of whole vegetables and fruits, that are naturally rich in antioxidants. And for an excellent source of fiber and complex carbohydrates, they add whole grains such as oats, barley and quinoa.

Fans of Spring Naturals can follow them at www.facebook.com/springnaturals or on Twitter @springnaturals. To learn more about Spring Naturals and their growing line of dinners and treats visit their website at www.SpringNaturals.com.

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Spring Naturals is sponsoring a wonderful giveaway of 10 bags of treats!

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