Social Networking for Pet Lovers: Community Benefits Pet Charities


OCEAN GROVE, NJ, USA: Since the advent of social networking, there is a growing need for  pet people want to network with other pet lovers.  The Pet Lover’s Community is a multi-functional social networking site dedicated to sharing pet pictures, videos, stories and meeting new friends.’s Pet Lover’s Community is a growing community of pet lovers and show fans from all around the world.

People can join the community for free, cross-post their pet related blogs, learn how to train their dogs, share pet health information and post fund raising events on the calendar.  The site also includes a gift badge function which a part of the proceeds from the purchase of the gift badges is donated to pet related charities. Friends can purchase badges expressing greetings for friendship, birthdays, and holidays or just to say hello.

Joseph Everett, hosts the Pet Web TV Show and created the site with wife Robbin Everett.  Joseph Everett stated, “It was important to us to create a place where fans of the show can gather and share pet experiences while making new friends and having fun.”  Robbin added, “We are so lucky to have such a wonderful, philanthropic, diverse, global fan base.”

The mission statement of includes philanthropy for pet related charities.  Joseph Everett said, “This is a perfect opportunity for us to generate income with a portion of the income going to  pet charities. Our community gives so much time and money to pet charities. We help them every chance we get.”

To join the Community go to is the #1 Pet Web TV Show in the world seen in over 30 countries., brings informative, heartwarming, educational and humorous stories to the world wide web via original episodes and website content.  In addition, the show’s blog, Pets Teach Us So Much, attracts thousands of readers every day.’s mission is about promoting philanthropy, inspiration, rescue, education,  making a difference and laughter.

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