Snooki’s favorite Camel, Princess, predicts Jets and Packers game

Princess what happened? I told you the Giants were hitting their stride and yet you still picked against them, and look what happened– the Giants broke another Quarterback, that’s 4 this year, and now you dropped to 5 and 2.

Geez, John did I really pick the Cowboys? You guys got me on this diet, I must have been hungry. I was woozy I just grabbed the closest graham cracker.

Girl, you’re not a good liar, especially when your tongue is sticking out. You’re doing just fine on that diet. See how much easier it is to get up when you see the graham crackers coming.

John lets just get the game and graham crackers underway.

Alright now girl, we’re picking the game between the Jets and the Packers. Take your time and think about it.


Alright John I’m taking this one.

Princess picks the Jets.

Alright girl are you sure about this now? No excuses about the diet, you being hungry or it was a hump – I mean hunch.

Hey chump – don’t be bringing that hump stuff out again. And speaking of diets … that seafood diet you’re on doesn’t seem to be working … you cant eat everything you “see”, John.

Oh that was real cute, Princess. You can you stop with the comedy relief act now. Are you sure that this is your pick this week?

John, the Jets have had two weeks to prepare for this game. Their best defensive back is back. Yeah, the Jets are gonna win this one. Now how about some more of those graham crackers.

Is Princess back on her game – check and see!

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