Shocking! When animals attack! 3 deer attack and injure barking dog

This is an incredible story that warns us all to keep an eye on our pets when they are outside!

BEND, Ore. (AP) — A Bend, Ore., woman says three deer attacked her barking dog and left the pet with head wounds and a punctured chest, but she’s expected to make a full recovery.

Tiffany Rounds says she often sees deer in central Oregon but never had them in her backyard before Thursday. Her small dog, Daisy, clearly thought it was inappropriate and went flying out the door, barking.

Rounds told KTVZ on Monday that the six-point buck and two does started beating the dog with their hooves and then the buck tried to get her with his anglers.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist Steven George says even if it’s a domesticated dog, deer react to a predator that could hurt or even kill them, so they’ll be defensive.

Authors notes: We checked the interwebs to see if there was footage of a similar situation.  We found this video of a Mother Doe protecting her Fawn.  Warning****This video is graphic****

Call us crazy…but where is the dog’s owner?  Why isn’t the dog on a leash?  Why isn’t the person holding the camera helping?  Oh yeah…we could go on and on.

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